March – a mixed and tough month…

While the weather is getting warmer and I have had lunch in the garden for the first time this year, this has been a squeaky month economically due to an unforeseen expenses. So, my shopping trips have been cut to basic minimum and a lot of time has been spent around the house and garden.

I haven’t managed to make progress with any of my songs for a few reasons. I set up my equipment to record in my dining room and then promptly got notice of a house viewing of potential buyers. All packed and away with the house neat and tidy, about a week later I set all the equipment up again. Unfortunately the weather turned rather cold and I stayed in my warm kitchen, although my enthusiasm had faded at this point too. I have four weeks before I fly to England for a 10 day visit, and two to three weeks after I will begin working in the restaurant. If I am to make any progress it needs to be soon or it won’t happen until September.

On the up side, a Parisian couple have since been back for a second look at the house and I am waiting to learn if they are interested or not in making an offer. I am past worrying about selling the house now, although moving would give me a chance to live somewhere more sensible and easier to manage and heat.

I have managed to keep mainly positive, although I have had a couple of low days…  but, I have a waistline again and I feel so much better.

The first event is my trip to England, a visit to my daughter and a couple of great concerts. My ex, and mother of my daughter will pick me up from the airport I will stay at her house for a day and then we travel to West London for the first concert and to meet up with my daughter. I think that I will probably travel to my daughter’s the following day. I have to think seriously about talking to her about my life – that will be an emotional and difficult hurdle for me to overcome. I will have to pick my moment. I expect tears from us both.

The other event is the start of my summer work, cooking in a restaurant but not as Sophie. In France and on my home turf so to speak, I have not come out to anyone yet. Plus it would be so complicated here if I were to try and work as Sophie – just too soon and too much of a trauma to deal with. At least I will be physically fit and ready for the hard summer work..

The year is seaming to pass so quickly already….

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