Loving yourself completely

My thoughts for the day…

As long as I can remember I have searched within myself and sought information to help me calm the inner conflict within myself and to understand why I am different to the people that have been around me during my life.

Earlier this year I was looking at a site run by a couple who offered counseling which included some very interesting ideas and advice. I discovered a great deal that I could personally relate to, which I haven’t come across very often. The title of this article was ‘Loving yourself completely’. After reading this article which had really struck home, I had a moment of clarity. I suddenly understood that I had not been able to love myself very much at all. This had been a problem that I had suffered from and as a result I believe that I had turned my frustrations towards those close to me in my adult life. While I never thought that my dressing had any impact on my relationships or those around me, I now view that in a new light. I believe that keeping a secret life of dressing wasn’t healthy and created other issues that I could not see at the time. But the past is the past and I am living now – no regrets!

With this newly acquired information and the decision to be Sophie I feel much more content and settled within myself, possibly for the first time during my life. I am continuing to build on ‘loving myself completely’ as nothing can change totally in a short space of time. But simply knowing this has begun to make differences in how I view myself and my life.

Maybe I am just someone who overthinks things….

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