Summer work begins, but nice things happen too…

I am only just at the beginning of my summer work, but I felt that I wanted to write about something that happened on my days off this week. It has got me into a nicer place in my life and I am very happy to discover this. More to follow this month – I am sure…

Yesterday, I caught up with an friend here in France. We worked together in the summer of 2014. But this was the first time that he was going to see me as Sophie, although we have met up a couple of times since. I had been in contact last month and promised to visit before I started cooking through the summer. But, I did say I was going to make it a surprise visit and told no more.

My return to cooking wasn’t exactly what I had expected. The chef is not in the best of health and has let the place slide a little. So I am having to get the place back into shape and fit as a kitchen, plus prepare and cook meals. My whole routine of life has been turned on it’s head as this is the first work I have done in over 4 years. I am not working as Sophie either as it would complicate things too much for me just now. I haven’t been sleeping well while working, eating well or feeling great about being back in the kitchen. And the last day of work was so horrendous that I felt like walking out. Anyway I stayed until the end of the shift because I am not a quitter.

Back home at last
I was so very happy to drive back home that evening for a rest and my to sleep in own bed. I woke the next morning at 4.30 to my shock, but managed to stay in bed for another hour. The weather wasn’t great and I thought about leaving my visit to the following day, when I may feel a little better and refreshed. But, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to get myself ready to go.

So after a nice shower I picked out a pretty dress.  I quickly made some lunch and then put on my makeup. Getting myself ready to go out shook off all of the past few days of work and frustration of not being Sophie. I spent the next hour driving with a smile on my face.

I pulled into the car park across the road from the restaurant and got out of the car. Within seconds of walking towards the restaurant, a driver in a nearby lorry hooted at me and called out in an attempt to get my attention. I turned around briefly and then carried on – what fun – giggle.

I was a little worried at first, as the place looked closed. Although I thought I had seen his car in the car park. After peering through several windows, I found him working in the kitchen and tapped on the window.  He opened the door and said in French, I am very sorry madame but we are closed, but there is another restaurant just along the road, pointing in the direction I arrived from.

I teased him at first, speaking in French and saying that I had traveled a fair distance to meet an old friend and how disappointed I was that it was closed. I then dropped some hints that we had met before and got him even more puzzled. I couldn’t control my giggling as I was having such fun teasing him. It wasn’t until I lowered  my sunglasses a little that he finally recognized me. But even then he wasn’t 100% sure. Oh how I giggled!!!

I have a girlfriend
We went into the restaurant where he said, it wasn’t often that he was lost for words, but was pleasantly surprised to meet Sophie. He poured us both a glass of wine and I began telling him about my life. He is gay and has a long term partner and is very happy here in France. We have agreed to meet for lunches on one of our days off from cooking through the summer. We had a lovely hug and I felt so good to know I had a girlfriend. I am hoping that we may even go shopping together at some point in the not too distant future.

It really has made my week and I can now return back to work tomorrow morning with new zest and sparkle in my life. Thank you so much Kenny for being there at a time in my life when I need some good friends here in France who accept me as Sophie without any questions or reservations.

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