11 more weeks…

I took the above photo was taken to help me decide what I should wear on my day out and I have no makeup at all.

Yesterday was my first day of rest from work this week and I had a really lovely day. I awoke early and surprisingly, not too tired after my last session of work. My agenda for the day was clearly in my mind. A quick breakfast, shower and time for makeup. With the sun shinning and a clear blues sky, I sat in my dining room by the window and began to make myself look pretty. Things started well and I didn’t make any terrible errors, so no black eyes that morning! I had already picked out my clothes for the day, a nice sleeveless wrap over top with yellow and white floral print and a teal chiffon skirt and a new pair of yellow strappy heeled sandals. Perfect for a summers day. A quick check in my handbag for essentials for the day: keys, lipstick, brush, money and bank card, tissues and sunglasses. I was ready to set off. Around 9.30 I was in my car and heading for the motorway with a smile on my face.

First stop was going to be a visit to my dear friend Kenny the chef. I still sometimes find driving in heels a little uncomfortable, but I soon forgot about that. An hour later I pulled into the car park and walked across to the restaurant where I spent a few hours chatting and having few giggles too. While occupied in chatting a friend and carpenter who has a unit adjacent  to the restaurant entered from nowhere. Kenny introduced me, I shook his hand as ladylike as I could and then he gave me a kiss in each cheek with his stubbled face – ouch! I was very relaxed and very pleased that I had been accepted without hesitation as female. He departed as swiftly as he had appeared and we continued our gossip.


It wasn’t a busy lunchtime and I decided it was time for me to go shopping and leave Kenny to wind up the shift and go home. We walked out side the restaurant beside the busy road and stood by the crossing. He teased to see if I could get a huge lorry to stop for me to cross to the car park. And sure enough along came a convey of some six or eight huge lorries. The first two passed by but the third slowed down for me and came to a stop. I had to laugh and I blew a kiss to the driver for his courtesy and broke into a girly trot across to my car.

I headed off toward the shops. I really didn’t need too much, but I was in an area where there is a great shop for Asian spices and thought that I would make the most of that. I arrived a little too early and the shop was still closed for their long lunch break, so I decided to have a look around a large hypermarket opposite. A dangerous move – haha! I was very controlled and only bought some L’Oreal products, a good quality foundation and a nice palette of blue eye shadow, but expensive enough for me. By that time the Asian shop was open and I got my spices, chili’s and some frozen prawns and began my journey home.

While cruising along the motorway I reflected on my expenditure of recent days and began to add up what I had spent this week! My ebay purchases of four skirts, three tops, some under wear.  My online shopping spree of a handbag, two sets of bangles and three pairs of summer sandals not to mention the makeup of the day. Time to put the brakes on for the month I think. I have to set aside almost 25% or my earnings for social charges I will have to pay as a result of earning money and make a lump sum payment at the end of the summer. In the meantime, my car needs four new tyres and a Control Technique, which is a test of road safety to ensure it is road worthy for another two years. I am not certain if it will any work will be required to ensure it passes the test. So I really do need to keep a serious check on my cash flow.

A moment of sobriety and my justification to myself.

While I am fortunate to be working, I am having to keep a balance in my daily life that allows me to get through each week. I need to qualify the reality of spending half my time in drab by compensating myself in buying new clothes etc to keep me happy and focused on Sophie. I have come to terms now with the hard work I have engaged in and I am finding my feet. Especially since I had my first couple of sessions running the kitchen on my own. A bit wobbly at first, but I soon overcome that out of necessity.

On the sobriety front, I am proud to report that apart from a couple of very small glasses of beer after long and hot sessions at work, I have not been drinking. I have also shed more weight due to my loss of appetite while working in a kitchen. But, I am careful to eat some fruit and what I do eat I try to keep healthy. I have at least 11 more weeks of work remaining so a lot of hard work and more pay days to go.

Today I need to cut grass, create a poster for the restaurant and visit some very good friends this evening. So, I had better leave this here and get myself motivated to begin my day. Until the next update…

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