Shopping – it must slow down now


This is going to be mainly a pictorial post. I have bought some summer clothes and shoes and still have a few things yet to arrive. My underwear is not for viewing – giggle. But I am happy to have some very feminine clothes that I think are quite pretty too.


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The blues skirt and top was the outfit I went out shopping in this week, the day before all the other clothes arrived. I needed to make myself look pretty and be myself after the last session of work and go out. I enjoyed trying them all on and I have my favourites. I am looking forward to the arrival of a nice pink jacket that should go with most of my clothes,  plus a couple of pairs of earrings are on their way. I am feeling more and more that I really want to be out socialising as Sophie and will be ready by the end of the summer to try and make that happen. Some of my plans haven’t gone quite as expected since working, but I am still on the same path. I have shaped my eyebrows to a somewhat more feminine look and I have noticed some changes in the shape of my face. I have already been told that I look different and quite surprised that the discussion stopped there. But that’s fine.

Work has become routine now and I am coping very well. We still have the peak season to arrive yet and the first concert is on this coming Friday. So I am guessing it will be a very busy start to the weekend.

I am still managing to be a little creative as well and have a couple of new songs in progress, so life isn’t so bad.

The month of June is almost over and the summer is slipping by faster and faster. In some ways I am looking forward to September and in others, not! There has been no further interest in the sale of the house but there is still time – I hope…


This lovely pink jacket arrived this morning so I tried it on with a matching skirt and one of my new tops. It looked so gorgeous I had to take a photo and add it here. I feel like I should be going to a wedding. Now I would like to be going out instead of going to work today. I guess that will have to go on hold until next week….  c’est la vie!!!

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