Looking for a house – excitement and anxiety

Home again after a hard and longer working weekend. But oh my, how exciting is life becoming?

The main photo show my early morning efforts at applying makeup. considering how tired I was it is quite amazing that it went on so fast. The weather wasn’t looking great and rain was forecast. Luckily I had bought a new jacket which arrived by the time I had returned home and perfect for such day.

I set off to meet up with friend and property agent Mike, who had never met Sophie but had been sent a photo. I arrived early and sat in my car in the agree parking area. I was checking some messages on my phone when a hand came through the open window and Mike greeted me. We both got into his car and set off for a tour of a few houses that he had selected for me to see. I quickly asked if he was ok with meeting as Sophie to ehich he replied, “Not at all”. So the rest of the morning went fine.

I saw a mixture of properties and prices, a couple of which had potential. However, it has become apparent now that I really do want to live close to amenities and life. Also what I would like and what I can afford may require me to buy a house that needs a fair amount of modernisation. I am ok with that but need to get my mind around that aspect. But it does open up the number of house that then become possible.

I have already spotted a couple from my online searches and will try to fix viewings next week.


This photo shows my outfit that I decided on in the end, to go out in a more formal style to view houses and the weather assisted in that choice.

I also had a band rehearsal that evening and was so very tired when I eventually got home. Sadly I don’t play in the band as Sophie.

I am on my last morning at home before a very busy weekend as we have Bastille day here in France and it’s quite a big event as you can imagine. We have a group in concert tonight and will be kept busy doing somewhere around 70+ meals.

But next week has excitement lined up already. This week I had a long chat over the phone with Karen, a friend of about 3-4 years and has seen some of my photos. We are meeting up next week with our mutual friend Kenny and his partner for lunch. I am really looking forward to that. I will be trying to arrange house viewings on the same morning as it’s all in the same area.

I am getting a little stressed as the time away from work is disappearing so fast and I have so much to do!!!!

Hopefully the next post will include some possible future home photos…

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