Packing, rehearsing and trying to rest…. so tired – the wake up call!

Work is at a peak with the summer season in full force. The busiest weekend so far with 150+ covers in two evenings. 9 hours and resting in between shifts as had been coerced onto doing  a logo design for an old friend in the UK.

To finish the weekend work in style, I drove home at 11pm last night in one of the heaviest storms I’ve seen in France in the past 12 years. Not what I needed at that time of night, but the desire to get home and into my own bed was like a driving force that would have got me through far worse.

Today I am trying my best to continue with dismantling furniture and pack things as I go. When I get 4pm I will need to grab my bass guitar and head off for an hour drive for a late night rehearsing for one of two concerts I will be playing on the 11th and 12th of August. It seamed like a good idea at the tome, but I hadn’t sold my house at that point – hindsight!!

My car needs it’s road safety certificate on Thursday morning – a Control Technique as they call it in France. Before that I am hoping that the new tyres I have ordered will be delivered in time to be fitted by my local garage in the village.  Wednesday afternoon is another visit to look at the house I pictured in the last post. This time to take stock of it again after a week of thought and most likely make an offer.

Thursday I have been invited to lunch by the guitarist I am playing the first concert with. Although a pleasant afternoon, yet another drive of 30-40mins and energy sapping.

Somewhere among all that I need to recharge my energy levels and be fit for another busy weekend.

On a more personal front and of major importance and impact on my life, I have made an application online to legally change my name to Sophie. I am hoping that I will be able to make the purchase of another house in the name of Sophie to avoid complications down the line. Documents should arrive in about a week from now and then I can apply for my passport to be changes too. Something I will be required to show here in France for many things re my home, life and identity, from my bank account, driving licence to social service and medical care. I also need to establish which organisations I need to contact, not only for these, as I am changing the region that I live in which requires  several official changes to my personal details. I must start making a list soon of all the things I need to do and get in place before it becomes a potential problem.

Thursday – I am back to finish this article, the day after going back to look at the house again, but it turned into a terrible day.

Wednesday started fine. I was up early as usual and the name change documents arrived that morning. Upon reading the info with it, it mentioned that I should have official document witnessed by a solicitor. So I looked to see if there some where I was viewing the house. I found two and thought I would call when there and try to get a 5 minute meeting to get the signing witnessed. It was then I discovered that August is a month where solicitors (or Advocats in France) go on holiday quite often for the month!!!

So I decided to go and do a little bit of shopping for some food. All was gong fine until I went to leave the car parking area. I followed another car towards the exit and turned right at a slow speed when all of a sudden, there was a bang and the wing mirror flipped back. A woman turned and stood there with her mouth wide open holding her shopping in her arms. I got out to find that I had dented both doors. I had not seen two bollards and cut the corner too tight, denting the driver’s door and rear passenger doors along with the section underneath the doors. The rear door trim was lying on the ground, so I simply picked it up, threw it on the back of the car and drove off. I was so distraught and on the verge of  crying my eyes out, that I pulled into another supermarket car park. I sat there trying to compose myself before getting out to look at the damage more carefully. It was quite bad, the sills had been damaged as well as the lower part of both doors and the window on the driver’s door was stuck in the down position. I got back in the car and I did cry a little. While I sat there considering the problems that this may cause me and I reflected on how this had happened!


On the drive down to see the house, I had felt so tired and wishing I didn’t have to do it on that day. I realised that I had been pushing myself too hard recently and not making sure that I had been getting rest while at work and when I return home. So I had a big wake up call that afternoon. Things could have been so much worse and I am lucky that this can largely be fixed.

My friend Karen called me while I sat in the car and we spoke for a couple of minutes while I explained what had happened, almost crying through the conversation. She suggested that I called in for a quick coffee before the house viewing, which turned out to be a good idea.

A coffee and 15 minutes later I arrived at the house again. This time it was the daughter from the property agent who met me. She had opened all of the shutters and the windows which made the place look light and airy on that sunny afternoon. It was good to see it all again and I had not remembered everything as well as I had thought. We finished the visit in the rear garden where I made an offer on the property. So now I wait to hear if it’s accepted or not. I was slightly cheeky with the offer, but I have nothing to loose by trying.

My invitation for lunch today and a rehearsal for a concert on the 11th of August had to be cancelled, much to my disappointment and will now have to be fitted in next week!

My car window now operates again after this my efforts this morning pulling out the door panel. New tyres have been fitted and things are not looking quite so grim now. I even managed a sleep this afternoon and will be off early to bed tonight.

I have learned a very hard lesson this week

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