The weekend before moving and Sophie’s first day of working

So, here we are. My offer to buy a house has been accepted with the commitment to buy, documents signed on the Friday afternoon. Saturday afternoon, the signing of final documents for the sale and subsequent payment of my old house – bliss! This will all be explained in more depth in the following article.

Sunday, I had agreed to help my friend Kenny cater for 90 people in the village where he has set up a restaurant / bar. Sophie would be working for the very first time in public.

I arrived at 9am at the village hall to meet Kenny and Julie, who had been there a couple of hours already setting up the dinning hall. A quick introduction to Julie then on with the tasks of the day. Julie and I continued setting out tables. We got on well and chatted generally in the way you do when first meet someone. About halfway through, Debbie, a pleasant Welsh girl arrived and joined in. The two of us carried on while Julie got involved in other things. Shortly, the rest of the team arrived, Kenny’s sister and husband arrived followed by Kerry, who I had worked with before but not as Sophie.


I was constantly looking for any signs of a reaction of anyone figuring out I was not actually a woman, but tried to get on with the job maintaining my composure. Time to be in the kitchen and 90 starters to prepare. Kerry began cooking the main dish while I began slicing terrine for the first batch of starters. I was joined by Kenny’s sister who assisted in plating. We got on very well from the start, chatting and joking as we dressed plate after plate. Then onto the next course, another 90 starters. By this time people were arriving and the hour for service was fast approaching. There was a nice atmosphere in the kitchen although we had discovered that the dishwasher was not working  and there was a problem lighting the oven.

The time had come for the mayor gave a short speech before we began serving the first course. The immediate reaction to the starters was good and a first encounter with Kenny and us, his team. We worked great as a team and everyone was there to support our friend Kenny in his new ventre. On to second and third courses. A palete cleansing lemon sorbet with Limoncello added just before serving followed the starters before the main dish swiftly once tables were cleared. Three of us dishing up and four serving. Wine was flowing quite slowly with the diners, but the food was being enjoyed regardless.  The cheese course and finally the dessert, which they surprisingly had all eaten. The return of very clean plates to the kitchen once more. As soon as it was polite enough to begin clearing tables, I went out and began chatting to the diners while collecting their empty plates and glasses. The feedback was great.

All those I spoke to gave high praise to the service, organisation and the food. I even got chatted up by one gentlemen who told me that I was a pretty girl. As some of the guests got up from their tables, ready to leave, a few of the men were requiring that I kissed them goodbye. By this I mean the traditional greeting and saying goodbye of the French, which is cheek to cheek but sometimes lips to the cheek. You can guess which happened – giggle.  Anyway they were all in good spirit and had enjoyed the day and well behaved and mostly over 50’s.

The part where we become the washing up staff and cleaners had kicked in, we were all keen to get done quickly as it was now after 4pm. While working together the chat, laughter and good humour continued as it did throughout that day. We were motivated by a couple of bottles of champagne that was kindly given to us by the man who arranged the lunch. So, with spirits and glasses lifted we steamed through or our work.


Work done, we sat by the bar in the dinning hall and chatted for a while with the final glass of wine. Myself, Kenny, Julie, Debbie and Kerry. The buzz of the day was still ringing in my ears and I was having a great day. Julie had to leave but we continued to chat as you do! The conversation drifted into an area that I was surprised to find. Both Kerry and Debbie began to talk of gay, crossdressing and TG, they both had people in their lives in France that ticked those boxes. Suddenly, I had a wave of confidence and commitment to who I was becoming. I felt very easy telling them that I was born a man but was now living as Sophie. I was in awe to learn that they had thought that I was a woman that day. It made me so very happy inside to think that I had been convincing, not only in my appearance but my mannerisms and speech. I couldn’t help thinking that Julie or Kenny’s sister and husband possibly felt the same towards me too. I was disappointed that they weren’t there with us at that point. I am sure I will meet them again.

I drove home that night not only having had such a great day, but full of confidence and also had five new friends. Plus I got paid too. Life felt so good at that moment and I hadn’t moved house yet!

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