February ends with love and happiness

Today was not going to be just any other day and I’ve already written about how much has happened this month

20180206_084932It’s the early evening of the 28th here. The snow has begun to fall and settle across the valley behind my house. I will discuss further on about meeting my sister and her husband after 20 plus years, the progression in my life and a little more. But today in particular was going to make me feel happy whatever happened… two days ago I received a message to my phone advising me that my long awaited passport was on it’s way to me. Sure enough today around 1.00pm, I heard the door bell – DHL delivery!!!

I was actually having some lunch at the time and while I was excited I did not wish to risk an accident involing my dinner and a new passport. So I sat down and finished my meal.  No sooner had I finished, I spun around on my chair, picked up the two envelopes. The first one contained my original documents and old passport. The second contained only one item – my passport!

“I was taken by surprise and overwhelmed with emotion”

I was taken by surprise and overwhelmed with emotion upon opening it at the photo ID page to discover that it described me as ‘Female’. You may find that comment very odd, but read on. After making phone calls at the beginning of my application and resupplying papers that had been additioally requested, I was told that my documents were not sufficient for me to acquire my passport with a gender change as requested. So, I really wasn’t expecting to receive it as it arrived today! PassportCompMy last and reluctant communication with the UK passport office was to agree to a ‘Male’ classification. Something I could change at a later date when able. While I am delighted to say the least, having my passport exactly as requested I also find that I am a little angry. I was misinformed and experienced unecessary delay and stress during the process.  I will be writing a letter of complaint, partly to address the situtation correctly, as I will not be treated in such a manner without a response. Secondly, to ensure that the poor way this was dealt with by the staff at the Passport office may not happen again with another person.

“we may be with you about 2.30pm”

Rewind back to Wednesday 22 – my sister’s message
I received a message on my phone that read ‘Don’t want to freak you out, but we may be with you about 2.30pm’. My sister and her husband were on their way to visit me after a snap decision to drive over. My sister wanted to see me sooner rather than later and her husband did no more than say, right, let’s go tomorrow! Well after 20+ years, I kind of get that. They drove from Norfolk to Dover, a channel ferry crossing and then down to the Limousin.  Originally with the intention of stopping overnight at a bed and breakfast. However, they never managed to find one open! They had a short break on route and a delay of a couple of hours at the ferry port before the crossing. Luckily the weather was good and the roads as safe as possible.

Around 2.30pm and while cooking a meal for their imminent arrival, the chimes of the door bell rang out! I quickly walked to the front door taking a brief moment to compose myself before pulling it open. There stood my sister. It was difficult not to let the emotions run riot at that point. I stepped forward to greet her and we both hugged immediately. At that moment the feelings were simply too powerful to hold back the tears and we both wept for a moment. Neither wished to loose control and we walked into my home. It’s slighty fuzzy around that point as so much was spinning around in my head, but the main feeling was of happiness that my sister and husband had travelled so far to visit me prevailed. I had a bottle of champagne chilled, ready and waiting for this grand ocassion. John arrived after parking their car and joined my sister Baraba and I for a celebratory glass of champagne. Although we had so much to catch up on, the conversation flowed freely. This was the start of our family reunion and it felt right and good. They stayed with me until midday on Sunday when the set off on their long journey home with a weather forecast of heavy snow back in England. During the short stay, Barbara and I had learned a great deal about our past, ourselves and each other. It was a very productive visit. I had felt a little selfish before they arrived, as I had made contact for my own personal reasons. I was at a stage where I needed to resolve some life issues while I am still capable. It was time to confront certain things that had remained in the shadows of my life for too long. There are some still to resolve and I can only hope that I am successful in this area.

“My heart was telling me to look after him”

dsc_0095.jpgOn the Saturday, something happened that I really had not expected at all. While going outside the house to place some rubbish in the communal waste bin I noticed a little ginger tabby cat that had lived in the house next to me. It had been extremely cold over the past few days down to -9C and forecast to continue for a while. The cat was not allowed out of the house and on most days could be seen sitting at a window on the first floor of my neighbour’s house. I knew they had recently moved away and I was concerned that this pretty little cat had been left behind to deal with the harsh weather. No home or food. I returned to my house and brought a dish of biscuits and placed them inside a recess by my french doors at the front of the house. He began to eat with a ferocious appetite. My heart was telling me to look after him but my head was challenging that thought. I went inside and looked at him through the window where he jumped up and began meowing at me. I resisted and left him to eat. After several minutes I looked out the window again to see if he was still there. Only to discover a big white and grey cat eating the food. I rushed outside to drive him away when the little ginger tabby ran back down to my house and ran inside without stopping! He has remained with me since that day, I now have two beautiful cats. He has been a ‘house cat’ and is quite happy to remain inside. dsc_0110.jpgHugo as he is now known, is so affectionate and has chosen to sleep snuggled up to me at night. Sometimes with his face against mine and purring with contentment. I know I am a big softy, but this did feel the right thing to do. My older cat Bertie has been good with Hugo and Bertie may have rediscovered a little bit of life again. He has changed his behaviour and habits slightly since Hugo’s arrival. For the better and it’s great to see him more lively.20180303_092610This entry had drifted into the start of March. It’s Sunday 3rd and I have a list of things I need to deal with. Being in possession of my passport, I can now update my ID here and have a long list to work through in changing documents, policies etc. I have already set in motion changes to my driving licence and bank account plus a few others. Some I can update online and others it will be easier to go to an office and deal with this in person. It is such a great feeling to finally resolve this part of my life and will leave me free to continue with one less major issue to deal with. I can feel safe when driving and dealing with anything legal now.

The way things are contining to move forward I will be back at my laptop writing the next installment before long. I already have a few of things to write about. I have been creative and have ideas for some projects. One that I hope to begin this coming week…

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