Have things slowed down?

…maybe that’s a good thing but I am feeling a little frustrated right now.

The start to March has been full of administrative things. Changing so many of my accounts and registrations. From my driving licence to my social security number and house insurance. Lots of forms and a few letters and payments into this month, helped along with the occasional glass of Montepulciano, a nice Italian red I bought recently. It makes a nice change from the usual French wine I buy. It’s a great relief to begin to get my identity revised at long last. It has removed another level of stress that I had underestimated, now apparent by it’s removal.

The month hasn’t begun in the same way that February did, but I could not expect life to move at that pace continuously. I need time to adapt to the changes and developments that have been occurring.

I have made some new friends in the town very close to my home and went for an apero last week. A gay couple who are two of the nicest people I have met in some time and have a lovely home. I will return the invite very soon and awaiting a reply to my offer to host the same here.


I have invested into my photographic project by purchasing a new tripod which is not only lighter and better made but none of the legs will collapse like my old trusty Valbon of some years. I am eager to begin my project of portrait photography and have discussed things with my first subject, an artist in the town who lives above his gallery. He is working in his kitchen which is quiet interesting and spacious with a character that reflects his personality a little. It also captures the morning sunshine which I hope to use to enhance my photography, so I am waiting for the right day to begin. The feature image was taken just around the corner to where I live and one of the many images I have begun to accumulate over the past few weeks.

I have tried to work on the song that I wrote last month but am finding the musical part slow in developing. Although the more I work on it, the more it is begining to have moments when it feels as if it is coming together. Many things are time based and that is what I have to give the song for it to come to life. It’s what happens for me – they come alive when it falls into place.

Since my sister has returned to England we have kept in touch, but demands on our time has restricted when we have been able to chat. None of that is an issue as the main fact that we are in contact.

Looking so innocent


Hugo has been to the vets twice and his bad tummy is now fine. He got out the other day while I was distracted by the postman who needed me to sign for a letter. You never own a cat, so I hoped that Hugo liked me and my home enough to return later that day. Not leaving it to chance, I walked about for a while near the house looking for signs of Hugo. A little disappointed I turned and walked back to the house when suddenly he sprung for nowhere and walked alongside me and back into the house. All ended well! He melts my heart with his cute little face and he rubs against me every day as a sign of affection. I still love Bertie who is my confident, companion and cuddly comfort. I have never known such an adorable cat.

While I have been sorting out my life and dealing with the with paperwork etc, I am starting to get the urge to start working on the house. Whatever I do will be quite a project, as moving around furniture to be able to begin renovating any room will be a challenge. It will be like being inside a living Rubik’s Cube or an amount of chaos at least! Maybe I have a little too much in it and should really sell off some of the items I moved here but don’t really use or need

I need to exercise restraint on my finances as my reserves are slowly dwindling. I have so much to do and certain things must be done to conserve heat and energy in the house. At the same time I want to make the place more to my taste and liking. So finding a balance of time, energy and juggling costs will be a constant challenge. The consolation is that overall there is no pressing deadline to have anything done at all. Any pressure will be of my own making!

I am also acutely aware that I need to work on my social life which is another drain on funds but equally necessary for a balanced lifestyle.

Progress with my personal life appears to have ground almost to a halt while I wait for a proposal and contacts to pursue my development this year. I have always been a little impatient and things are no different now and I’m beginning to feel slightly frustrated in the delay in moving forward….

…So here I am a few weeks further on and I have been busy and it’s Saturday April 21st. I’ve had a delay in my hall decorating today, but will begin very soon after my lunch has settled and I’ve typed a little more.

I am happy to be say that life is moving forward again. I have an appointment in June that should get me onto good meds and another one in October. I know it’s a long way off but it will be the first step at the hospital in Lyon where I hope to get accepted for surgical treatment. I also have a call to make on Monday about electrolysis – in Paris. It appears that a three month wait for an appointment, but have to go to an initial meeting before treatment can start. They use a local anaesthetic which reduces the pain by about 40% and from what I read on their website. It leaves your face quite red and a little sore after. The hardest thing though will be leaving facial hair to grow a minimum of 1mm before they can treat the individual follicles.

The sun has made more appearances this month and I have a job interview on Wednesday. I replied to an advert for ‘front of house staff’ but after a chat with the owner yesterday he is more interested in my ability to cook. This would be during the summer tourist season. However, I have another job offer on the table at another restaurant for after the summer season.

My ID status: I now have all my accounts in France in my name, plus my French driving licence and car registration. My social security and my French pension remain in my old name until I can provide evidence of a two year period of living as Sophie. So I endure presenting my medical card with a male name, photo and number on it for another year minimum.

It’s been a beautiful day and I decided to leave the decoration and focus on my terrace. So I cleared away the rubbish on it and began to fix a screen to one side. Popped out an picked up a bargain bbq, so maybe it will be used on Sunday if the sun shines again…

Yes it did and the bbq was used – delish…. evidence in the main photo.

Catching up on things and more to follow soon, it’s been busy again!!!

One thought on “Have things slowed down?

  1. What a full life you lead. I’m hopeful for your employment and glad to see things are moving forward with the identity changes. Navigating the local laws is an exercise in research to say the least. But, it was your comment about Hugo that brought a tear to my eye. To have someone who will just join you out of the blue because they want to be with you is amazing, especially one of such a free spirit.

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