140 days into 2018…

Did I say that things had slowed down – oh contraire! Almost halfway into the year and so much has happened this year.

Here I am at 9pm on a Monday evening, a nice glass of a 2015 Bordeaux and some great cheese to go with it. There appears to be a few things going on right now. Decorating, renovating, organising my terrace for the summer, working and life in general. Plus a little socialising where I can squeeze it in.

20180514_1816301.jpgDecorating: My hallway is still undergoing redecoration, which is taking a little longer than hoped. Things have evolved and also a little problem. Firstly, I decided to have a couple of wall lights fitted which were installed last week and transform the part leading to the front door. I had a slight issue with some wall surface improvement which I had to scrape off and re-do, plus I had a change of direction after I had painted the narrow part by my front door. As you enter the house my shower room is to the right and has four patterned glass panels which I thought may have been ok. Wrong! Today I have removed two pieces of glass and the last two will go tomorrow. The space will be covered with a panel and painted the same colour as the walls. It also means that I have a new job of panelling the other side in the bathroom. Anyway, it will be beautiful and will post final photos when finished. Still on the subject of decorating, onto my kitchen…
1957tablechairs.jpgresppektablueff.jpgI found a 1957 formica table with six chairs that I bought in the Dordogne for a good price, but three hours drive away. It’s in remarkable condition considering the age and type of use. But perhaps more importantly, it has sparked a theme for my kitchen. I found some lights on ebay that I repainted three of the four to get the look I wanted.

I have just ordered a gorgeous pastel blue retro fridge freezer and have decided to ‘up cycle’ some furniture to blend into my new scheme.

terrace23may-e1527105646640.jpgThe Terrace: I have cleaned it and put up a screen to one side as a temporary measure to keep the wild growth from the land adjacent from invading my space. I want to make it more private, secure and somewhere I will enjoy relaxing and entertaining. I have bought a bbq, table and chairs, sun lounger, parasol and solar powered and mains LED lanterns – optimistic I know. So I really do need to get it sorted out before the summer comes and goes. I measured the perimiter so I can fit wooden panels and a door to keep it private and a little secure. Scheduled for next month.

KitchenLightsRenovation: Well that happens as part of redecoration but I am getting an electric Chauffe-eau for my hot water to save me buying oil to run my central heating boiler through the summer months. I  bought these great lights on ebay. All but they have been repainted in colours that will go with the scheme I have in mind. I also need to buy two replacement windows to fit before the winter arrives, make a new back door and close up a sort of window in the cellar by the autumn.

lerepos.jpgWork: I applied for a job as front of house staff for the summer season at a restaurant about 30 minutes from home. I worked there in 2014, but it’s now under new management. When I went for the interview the owner was more interested in my cooking skills and offered me work as the chef. I started the last weekend in April working Friday to Sunday lunch service. Thursday will be added for June and for July and August, five days a week. Maybe more if I’m not too exhausted. It’s a fairly simple menu but considering I will be dealing with up to 100 covers in a kitchen that is short of work space and not particularly well equipped, it will be demanding.

Personal life: I have been going to a yoga class for a while and find it enjoyable and an interesting form of exercise. It’s a mix of yoga and pilates. Neither of which I had any experience of before this year. I am managing to exercise a little but not as much as I feel I should. Decorating and work is a demand on my energy levels. I have an appointment in the early part of June with an Endrocrinologist when I hope I will be able to get correct medication. Another in Paris in July for a consultation prior to treatment for electrolysis. I bought a travel card which allows me a good discount and if tickets are booked well in advance the savings are amazing. Providing there are no serious issues I will have to travel to Paris on a regular basis so a discount will be extremely valuable. I will have to drive into Limoges for the train which leaves at 7am, but is a fast train to Paris and return later that afternoon for small sum of 35€. I’ve managed to dine out with friends a couple of times, but work will limit that in particular as the restaurant trade is not kind to your social life. My projects are on hold now while I finish the decorating I’ve started.

StampFRBig News: This has been a year of break throughs on many levels. A reconnection with my sister after 20+ years. Coming out to most of my family and everything being fine. And the latest news flash – I chose to track down my son and found an address where he had worked and was a director of a restaurant. After no contact for over six years, and as part of my personal development and peace of mind I decided to write a letter to my son. It was the last part of my personal and family that I felt I needed to try and resolve. In the letter I gave a some info on events since we had last spoken and tried to make peace. I asked if he could find it in his heart to make contact with me. I did not give any indication to the recent personal changes in my life. I considered that it was not the correct way to break the news. I also had serious doubts of how successful my letter would be. After a few weeks I received an email from an old Twitter account that I had forgotten about and should have deleted. The email informed me that I had a message. Needing to reset my password to access the account, I discovered that if was from my son. I hadn’t included any contact information other my address, assuming that a reply was unlikely. The message explained that my letter had been forwarded to my son and that he was intending to write to me unless I discovered his reply which included his phone number. Wow, that was one big surprise that put a very big smile on my face that morning. Needless to say I sent a text message to his phone almost immediately to make contact. Within minutes I got a reply and we exchanged a few messages. We had a telephone conversation several days later when he wasn’t working and it was nice to hear his voice again. A second call has not happened since. I reflected upon the situation and decided that I really needed to put him in the picture re my life. Something I would have preferred to do during a conversation. I didn’t want this to continue as a deception and I have since posted a brief but concise overview of my life. It will take a few days to arrive so perhaps by it may arrive by the weekend. Whatever happens, I have been open and honest about my life and that is all I can do right now.

I finish on a note that in just under four weeks I have an appointment where I hope to be prescribed correct medication. The first serious step in moving towards surgery.

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