You may have thought you knew me

This is an open letter to all those who have known me from earlier in my life and have become aware of this site. Although this site is public, I have given the site address to certain people in my life. Their family or friends may be introduced to this site as a result. I am happy that those people can understand what my family are dealing with and can support them should they need it.

If you have read some or most of the site, I am sure that this maybe a big surprise or a shock. I am not going to try to explain everything here as the site does that. This is to acknowledge you all.

Recently the site has had in increase in viewings, understandably, and the majority of visitors have looked at a many of the pages if not all of them. I unaware of  specific reasons of such high interest. In the least my site what is probably an unexpected view of me! Perhaps it’s my writing, which I doubt or simply a need, desire or fascination to know understand what went on for so many years and more specifically – now. If you have taken the time to read my posts you will already have an idea about my life. If you were connected to me, I hope that you are able to understand to some extent and can forgive my secret nature in keeping this hidden for so long. That was a result of fear, lack of confidence, lack of understanding myself and a whole lot more. I feel that I resolved the things that held me in that place and have been able to move forward with my life eventually. It has still taken a lot of courage and conviction to get here and can honestly say that I am very happy with my life. I like to think that most of you may be able to accept what I have done, or perhaps not!

It has taken me a lifetime to understand this for myself. For others to discover this now, I realise that it may not sit well with you, depending on your involvement in my life. We cannot change the past and I personally focus on now and the future. We spend our lives generally doing what we believe to be right. It doesn’t always transpire to appear that way as the years pass and we look back. I have many things to be proud of, my two children for a start. To both I will always be their father no matter what or how I live my life.

I have no issues if any of you wish to contact me with questions or comments and will try to answer any questions that you wish to propose. I also recognise that I may be inviting more than I bargained for. However, with the decisions I have made with my life, comes with certain other things that I have to deal with.

My hope is that my articles provide some answers to parts of my life and give an insight to what I am doing and dealing with at such a late stage in my life.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site

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