Becoming a free spirit

On this very hot last Saturday morning of June, while driving to work along a country road surrounded by greenery and blue sky, I became quite emotional while listening to some music. It wasn’t the music but where my mind had wandered at that point in time.

If you can imagine a series of cogs slowly turning and suddenly a click, then things simply fall into place.  Well that was the kind of moment I had. Since moving to my new house in October last year, I am pleased to say that I really am so very happy with my life. Which is by no means a breeze in the park and worry free. Living alone and dealing with all that life can throw at you at 65 is anything but. However, I pondered on why I was so happy. Suddenly the thought entered my head that I had managed to set my spirit free. I quickly realised that this was a good way to explain to my family and friends how I feel and just what has happened within me over the past couple of years. Something that is easier to relate to – I hope.

20180627_173831-e1532819491327.jpgWho I am now is who I have always been but kept hidden away. As a result of that I could never really be myself. Now, I can! A confident, happy outgoing individual who is not afraid to reveal that side of them self after so long. I am not saying that I am acting weird or anything. But I behave in ways that are more aligned with who I am. In essence I really do feel that I managed to Set My Spirit Free by reaching this point in my life. If success in any other aspect of life is a similar journey, then I understand the committment, drive and passion that is required

Without trying to me smug, I wish that I could pass on a way for others to acheive this. Personally, I know that how I feel now has always been a part of me since I can recall. It’s like having dreams, ambitions; desires to be a singer, actor or whatever. If you could realise that in your own life, that is how I feel now.

One thought on “Becoming a free spirit

  1. Hi sophie loved your story i am just past you in age and i am just finding nolene who i have ignored for years i would like to become freinds if that is ok love nolene

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