Summer is hotting up rapidly

It’s the 14th of July, Bastille Day in France and a day of celebrations throughout the country, much of which started last night. As I arrived back in Bellac at just past 11pm yesterday, I saw fireworks above the rooftops as the display begun. It finished just as I had managed to find a parking space!

Last month, an appointment where I hoped to be prescribed safe and effective HRT medication did not have the outcome I had wished for. Although the doctor I met was very kind and helpful. Having had major heart surgery in 2006 and on daily meds, I need to see a cardiologist for a check up and approval if I am to be allowed to take hormonal mediaction. I have a gut feeling that I will not get the answer I would like. But I need to wait until October to find out for certain. It will change how I go forward and will need to review a couple of things about treatments if I don’t get the ok I am seeking.

I have to say that initially I was upset by the prospect of not recieving approval, but when I set out on this journey over two years ago I never believed that so much was even an option. In the meantime I have seen a doctor for epilation by laser. I always thought that blonde, white and grey hairs were not possible to eradicate by laser – until now! The doctor I met last week has a system that will do exactly that. Six to ten sessions and a minimum of 15 days between treatments and then I should be free of beard growth at long last. I have hated having to shave daily and never faired well with it. My first session is in four days time and quite excited at the thought.

The French system remains a challenge me. I have recently sent off another letter and documents in the hope I will finally be awarded a pension that I am entitled to from self employment since I arrived in France. My application may also bring about a more important change too. I think I have learnt, that to get my medical card and status changed it reqire that a social services office make the request and not me. Something I I discovered while re-reading letters for another issue I am dealing with.

I had a refusal for  treatment under a social service scheme which I basically have a right to claim. After some investigation and exchange my psychologist who has been very helpful, I now know that the refusal was an illegal response. I made contact with the Association A.N.T (Association nationale transgenre) based in Paris, who were excellent in advising that I write to the Minster of Health to ask for assistance with this issue. The site lists many aspect they of their work in challenging and working on getting laws and ideas changed in France along with supporting the transgender community. I cannot be anything other than praiseworthy of thier activities and wish I had discovered them a coujple of years ago.  But that simply meant that I had to dig into things here to learn myself and not so bad in retrospect.

Work is dominating the summer right now as things have got very busy and rising daily in heat and customers I need to cook for. I need to manage my energy very carefully until the end of August as I have had an unfortunate minor accident with my poor old car. It has really been a great car despite my attempts to kill it off by driving it into things. An action that emerges at times when I have been pushing myself and become overtired. I need to readjust my life accordingly. This is the fourth event in a five year period and I hope the last.

20180623_153710-e1531549681713.jpgAfter a very busy day and late night at work, I got home about midnight to music coming from my neigbour’s house. By 1.45am I had reached the point where I had to complain and it was turned down. However, I didn’t get to sleep until around 3am and awoke at 6am. Then work as usual, meaning I left home just after 11am and worked from 12 to 3pm that day. I chose to stay at work to rest on my lounger between shifts in the shade of a tree overlooking the lake. Followed by a very busy evening which continued to sap my reserves of energy. I was almost home and went to turn into the road I live in. Just at the entrance to the road on either side are lines of a pyramid shaped concrete bollards with a chain connecting each one, forming a barrier between cars and pedestrians. My fatigue caused me to misjudge the turn. I cut the corner resulting in a dent and scrape on an already damaged side of the car. I looked at the damage after parking and decided that it really didn’t look at lot worse. On my return to the car the following morning I hadn’t noticed the damage to the rear tyre and set off for work. Before very long I realised that there was a serious problem. I quickly pulled over, got out and looked at the rear wheel. To my horror it was not simply flat but had a hole torn into it about the size of a tennis ball. A flap of rubber sat slight open on the wall of the tyre. It took me five hours to change the wheel, get to somewhere and have new tyres fitted and get back home, missing the lunchtime service at work.

I cannot say that some of the things that have happened recently have not stressed me out in their own way in varying degrees. But overall I am not phased my any of the events. I take a moment to stop and think about where I am in my life now compared to a couple of years back and I feel good again. Of course there are lots of things I would prefer to be better or diferent about life. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t feel that. For the time being I am thankful for what I have and I work towards better things always. I have also found that my yoga class is very good with helping me center myself, but I am finding it difficult to fit in a class on my two days off. I need to check the new timetable to see if I can squeeze one on this after this weekend.

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