Life is never what you expect

My decorating has taken a set back. I had to finally admit to a damp problem in the wall, which has now been opened up as shown above. All is made clear as you read on.

Today, 19th September was the fifth session of my laser treatment which is roughly half way through the process. It has made quite a difference but it’s slow. Although a one and half hour drive each way I did find it more agreeable in the new car.

I learned this week that what I had believed was an offer of work is not quite that now! Perhaps it was my lack of questioning or their lack of willingness to talk about it. But after asking an indirect question ‘were they were ready for the imminent opening day?’ I was informed that they had the kitchen covered. I had been looking at possibilities of trying to do something on my own as I have been self-employed most of my working life. However, the cost of taking on a restaurant, even if a commune owned one would be quite costly and also difficult to staff.  I couldn’t manage it on my own.  I think behind all this I have realised that I am missing the buzz and interaction of working and would like to be actively involved in something again.

The money gained from working is an obvious benefit and I have rediscovered that I miss working yet again! It’s possibly due to the reality that my social life has not really developed much. Work is an easy replacement making it more attractive.

It’s only two weeks away from my daughter arriving for a brief visit in October. I really must get my hallway decorated at least before she arrives. I don’t have too much planned so that shouldn’t prove to be a problem and will force me to be more enthusiastic about it as I’ve been a little reluctant to push myself. I also need to organise my bedroom much better. That’s another area of neglect I need to address.  I’m beginning to feel a little deflated right now so I will come back to this when I am in better spirits…

the results of my signwriting work

I am at the keys again on Wednesday 26th September, I had cut off from the last piece as I became a little upset and started to feel sorry for myself for no apparent reason. But pleased to say that I managed to get back to a good place fairly soon. Well, when do things go to plan or as you envisage? My hallway isn’t finished and have arrived at a conclusion that I need to open up a section of the cavity wall due to a continuing damp problem.  I’ve been kept occupied with a variety of things. A little decorating, a lot of admin, painting a sign for a restaurant my friend that is opening tomorrow. I should be able to get my home tidy and organised in time for my daughter’s arrival, but not fully complete the decorating of my hall. Something I will revisit afterwards.

I have also been a little naughty with shopping as I  bought a new phone, car mats and cleaning products plus a cheap car stereo as the volume control on my current model is extremely temperamental. Finances firmly back under control now, haha!

On the left Twinny the stray female cat and on the right Hugo

Amongst all this, I thought I had lost my gorgeous cat Hugo and felt so very sad. Exactly a week ago he never returned home that night and was nowhere to be seen in the morning either. Not usual behaviour for him and I began to worry. After a couple of days I began to suspect the worst but went to talk with the women that look after the stray cats near where I live. I was surprised to see what I thought was Hugo and called him to which he responded by looking at me each time. Something none of the other cats there did. I began to convince myself that it was Hugo. In short, I discussed with the ‘cat ladies’ the possibility of catching him to get him back home. Over the next few days I went back and took his favourite toy mouse on a piece of string and a sachet of food each time. This worked well and we started to reconnect and he would allow me to stroke him which he clearly enjoyed although still nervous.

The whole process was upsetting, until last Sunday evening! I was sitting in my kitchen when I heard a cat crying at the back door. Thinking that it may have been a local stay that I often fed I went down to explore. As I opened the door who should dash in but Hugo. Oh my! Was I happy to see his beautiful little face and he me. He purred very loudly and rubbed himself against me, we also had nuzzles and kisses. I can only assume that he had got shut in somewhere and had eventually escaped or something similar. He has been so cuddly since then and has stayed in the house much more than usual. Something I am not unhappy about at all. He has stopped staying out at night too, for the time being at least.

Coming back to the idea of cooking again, that may not be a lost cause. After chatting with Kerry, my friend who is opening the restaurant, it appears that things are very much unsettled long-term. In a general talk about the opening and various things around that she threw in, ‘you may be cooking here before the end of the year’. I am not holding my breath as they say, but it would be nice to be asked at least. I will be there tomorrow to support be her and be available if help is needed.

I’ve just been reading through the introductory text to my articles on the home page and I have been taking on board some of the key points in my life this year. We can so easily overlook the things that we do and regard them as everyday events if we choose.  Writing them and publishing them in this way is extremely powerful. Something I have referred to before (I think). Not only did reading them take me back to the time when they were written, but after several I began to realise just what I have achieved since I began writing. I am feeling very good about myself tonight.

20180927_200643[1]Three days until the end of the month and six days when my daughter arrives. Tomorrow things switch up a gear in decorating and preparing my house for her arrival. I am sure that she would happy if I didn’t do anything, so I guess this is about my feelings. I am also positive that she will appreciate a nice clean and tidy home when she arrives.  Hopefully she will return home with fond memories of the visit, her time here, me, my home and two gorgeous cats Hugo and Bertie.

Menus prepared ready for delicious meals and nice wines. I will be back in October for the next instalment…

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