Psychology, Endocrinology, Renovation, Decorating and Birthday celebrations

27th November 2019

The title highlights the diversity of my life right now, with the first two being highly specialised areas. But, they’ve all been dominant aspects over the past few weeks.

I begin this entry on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd of November. It’s grey, miserable and raining. I haven’t had to turn on my central heating yet but that will change soon. Things on the whole are generally fine and I’ve been trying to progress with decorating. I’ve managed to fit a new window in my kitchen which has been a great improvement in insulation and wonderfully draft free. Just in time for the bad weather that’s creeping in daily. My bedroom is redecorated and I’m very happy with the results pictured below.

The work has now moved onto the first floor landing. During the renovation of a seven foot high door, three of the six panes of glass cracked and have now been replaced. Old houses are never easy when it comes to decorating or renovation. The walls are far from square or straight and often curve in more than one direction, while the floors slope. Next I intend to return to the problem entrance/hallway as I have discovered some new products that should control the dampness plus I’m using a dehumidifier.

During October I had a few appointments at hospitals in Limoges. The first with a vocal specialist who requested that I spoke in English as he needed to practice more. He explained that so much of the information he requires is in English. After a brief examination of my throat and vocal ability, he suggested a speech therapist if I wished to control my vocals better. However, I am not sure that I will pursue that. Next was my first meeting with the psychiatrist. In fact two psychiatrists, one male and one female. I wasn’t worried about conversing in French and dealing with their questions. Afterwards I reflected upon the exchange between us and wondered if I had really answered their questions very well. Had I got my points across clearly? Did they really understand exactly what I had said? At one point the woman (whose name I cannot recall) asked if I had undergone any facial surgery? I was a little surprised by the question. But being honest, I was a little boosted as well that she thought I had. Basically they knew nothing of me or my life and their questions were broad based, some very specific naturally. In response to the meeting I’ve decided to write a brief account of my life in French to ensure they are presented with a good understanding of events, relationships and things that generally brought me to this stage. At the end of the consulation I was asked to make an appointment with a pyschologist which was scheduled for the third week in November.

Finally, the endocrinologist and the meeting that was the most important to me. After three months since the first meeting I’ve had plenty of time to ponder on a possible outcome of that morning. After updating her on my consultations with the psychatrist and the surgeon she explained how things would move forward. She will speak with specialists in Paris and my cardiologist in Limoges to esablish levels of hormone meds. That is the first time anything positive has been said about prescribing hormone treatment to me in past three years. At last! The next meeting is in February and another long wait to learn the answers to her questions.

This coming Friday evening I have been invited to join a local group of 14 ladies who meet occasionally for an evening at a local bar. I am delighted to have been invited to join the group. I only know a couple of them so it will be a chance to make some new friends. On Monday I will be traveling Northly, about an hour away with a couple in the town to visit there friends for lunch. I am looking forward to the outing as I’ve met the friends before and get on well with them.

I have created a dealine for my current decorating project as I have decided to have a soireé for my birthday in just over two weeks time. It also celebrates two years of living in the town. At this moment, all of my sound and music equipment is stacked up in the lounge/dining room and needs to be relocated to the second bedroom on the first floor. But not until the decorating has been finished. My appointment with the psycologist is the afternoon before my party and will loose important prep time that day. I have invited 17 friends, but from experience I would imagine a few may not arrive. However many turn up, it’s a lot of food and preparation to take care of.

20th November and I’ve just eaten a home-made pizza with a lot of fresh chili on it with a nice Gaillac red wine. Decorating has been going slowly but has consumed my time with the inherent difficulties that come with a very old house. I’m just waiting on some wallpaper to arrive from Germany and then I can finish the walls. The floor is the next step and quite a horrendous prospect. After lifting a corner of the two old and dirty layers of carpet, I discovered that the wooden floor beneath has been covered with a thin layer of cement! I do and I don’t want to discover what remains under the rest of the floor. A job for December.

My birthday arrived and my guests arrived to celebrate that evening. I hadn’t held any celebrations in the house since moving in and it was long overdue. I spent the day preparing and cooking until the last minute, over-catering in the process! A busy Friday! But it was all worth it and was a very lovely enjoyable evening.

Having a little bit of fun with a yummy cherry tart drizzled with vodka

The evening passed by quickly as all plesant things do so easily, with the very long day ending about 1am for me, after clearing up a little. I was very pleased to get into my very warm and cosy bed.

It’s now Sunday evening, my birthday is history and life returns to the usual routine. I’ve just printed out a test in French given to me by the psychologist. An MMIP 2 test,consiting of 867 questions, developed in Minnesota USA. As the test was in French, it seamed sensible to find an English version before answering the long list of questions. Overall the meeting with the psychologist went well. At the start I had handed over my text providing my background details. She then proceeded to ask questions for about an hour which resulted in me providing more info about my life. It end with arranging a second meeting on December 12 By which time I will have decorated my home for Christmas.

I end this post with a brief report on the night out with the local group of women. Not surprisingly with a group of English ladies the rosé wine did flow during the evening. Perhaps it was the lack of a fun night out for a long time or just lack of self control. But I drank a little too much and had only eaten a very light meal before. The following day was spent mainy in bed! Not to be repeated at the December outing which will begin with a meal in a nice local restaurant.

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