Keep taking the pills!

I have waited until after my appointment with the endocrinologist before writing this entry to my story. A very early start to the day with an 8.30am meeting. I was up at 6am which was a bit of a shock to my system. I needed to allow just over an hour for the drive to the hospital and find a parking space. It was not a meeting I wished to be late for or miss. I made the error once before arriving a few minutes late at the second meeting, finding myself sat in the waiting area for over three hours.

The doctor arrives and invites me to join her in her office. As we enter she asks me how I am. I was feeling particularly unsteady on my feet and sat down by her desk. I explained that I felt unwell and described the symptoms, to which she agreed it was likely to be a virus. She asked if I had seen the surgeon and psychiatrist since our last meeting and did I have a date for surgery? The first two were easy to answer, but a date? I mentioned a meeting in April that I thought she would be attending with the rest of the team providing my treatment and care. No! She wasn’t part of that. I had been anticipating talk of hormone treatment which she did not mention at all. I wasn’t prepared to leave without knowing the outcome. So I posed the question: was there was news of hormone medication? I had understood from our previous meeting that she intended to contact specialists in Paris about safe dosages for me. To my surprise, she replied commenting that the pills I had been taking had appeared to have been working quite well and I should simply continue taking them. From my perspective I guess they have been effective. The most apparent being my modest breasts. She had referred to them previously in a positive manner, which was at least encouraging. On reflection I can see that by not prescribing hormone treatment absolves them from any responsibility if they should have an adverse impact on my health. A little disappointing all the same after three years of pursuing them.

A positive aspect did evolve from the meeting. She asked if I have located a clinic for epilation of beard growth. There was some confusion on her part of the type of treatment I required. However, I have since managed to locate a clinic in Toulouse that offers electrolysis and have an appointment for this coming Saturday. A three to four hour drive for a consultation that I know will be tiring. Taking the train would be easier but there isn’t a train late enough for a return trip home. Advance train bookings to coincide with appointment times may be possible and make the journey easier, cheaper and less exhausting.

It’s just life!

It’s over halfway through February and it’s been a mixed time so far. A continuing insurance learning curve, planning a trip to the UK, being unwell and costly car repairs. Perhaps I should simply refer to it all as ‘life’, as it always has been full of challenges, obstacles and financial juggling and a few happy highlights thrown in along the way.

In brief, rain has been getting into my roof and causing damp problems on two floors of my house. The fault lies with a decaying wall of my neighbour’s house. Fortunately I have legal insurance cover which I had to call upon to get the things moving and now in the process of being resolved. #longwinded

UK trip planning

Easter visit to England

A friend decided that he wanted to drive to England to sort out a few personal things and kindly offered the opportunity to travel with him. An offer too good to pass by so I agreed. I’m happy to share driving or do it all. A stay of one week is planned, travelling before and after the Easter holidays thankfully. This is something I loosely discussed previously with my daughter so not a great surprise for her. I made contact with two cousins I met last year to ask if they would like a repeat meeting during this visit. A reply suggested that other cousins may wish to join us? The latest update is that 22 family members will be there. I am quite stunned by how many have responded. A cousin in Australia has indicated that he may fly over for the reunion. How amazing he would do that. He is someone I haven’t seen for around 50 years along with a few other cousins.

Staying mobile is costly

It started off fine with me simply believing that my car just needed an oil change and new filters! Thankfully, that has been done now by my wonderful French mechanic. The down side is that he informed me that the timing belt and water pump should be changed pretty soon. I also knew that four new tyres were much needed. An expensive and unavoidable money sponge this month called a car! Gulp and ouch!

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