Down the rabbit hole

The lunatics are on the grass and they are being joined by self-appointed harbingers of truth and knowledge while the rest of the world is watching, thinking this looks like it might be fun! Many of these purveyors have false or no real qualifications to substantiate their claims, statements or videos. This extreme situation has unlocked the flood gates that had kept these people in the shadows, allowing a deluge of information of a bad kind.   

Abnormal behaviour is on the increase and likely to become more familiar during our current situation. Being confined for long periods of time is bringing many things out into the daylight, some that we would be happier not to witness.   

How can we hope to decipher the truth from this increasing torrent of information, rife with fabricated stories and images? Do I hear you say, “There’s no smoke without fire”? Maybe! We need to become a ‘Truth Seekers’, look behind the painted smiles and digital illusions. In this age of technology and increasing AI in our daily lives, it’s not always as it first appears! 

Falling into the hole 

I will openly admit that I found myself doing exactly that recently. I had fallen to the very bottom of that deep hole, to the damp and musty floor. An empty bottle of potion beside me, while my consciousness slowly returned. Head spinning, and dazed, I began to wonder just how on earth I had got there!     

It’s possible that it may have begun with a single question, that led to another, going on to infinite multiples that would never be answered in a lifetime. I had been researching things as normal; apparently not quite, as it seems now. I had allowed myself to gradually become intoxicated with the saturation of information from every source imaginable. Drawing me into a cauldron of fog and mis-information, I willingly plumbed the depths of the pea soup. Abandoned by my sensibility and powers of reasoning, becoming convinced by the mangle of stories and pictures, almost hypnotising me to dive deeper.  

Was this the real-life Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts or some other Anthromorphic creature that I had encountered? Or something equally disturbing? It was beginning to feel like a mixture of megalomaniacs from a Bond film and a scene from The Matrix with faceless voices over digital images.  

‘Why is a raven like a writing desk?’

As more and more information flowed in an onslaught of riddles, as if from the March Hare himself, I imagined we’re sipping tea in a serene and calm country garden. I started to long for normality, whatever that is!  

The haze continued to swirl in spirals towards infinity as I experienced floating along a corridor while words, phrases and questions drifted past; far too quickly to understand any clear message or meaning. A light began to glimmer in the distance, while I went neither up nor down, but along an invisible line towards it.  

Was I dreaming? I did recall waking up that morning, didn’t I? Questions bounce around in a muddle inside my head as it all gradually became more and more fuzzy. The glimmer grew bigger and more intense as I got closer and closer. By this time, I really wasn’t sure what I could believe – what was reality or false? 

Almost unaware of a change, it had become darker, still and silent. Suddenly, I opened my eyes to see a cloudy and blue sky from my bedroom window. Had this just been a dream?  

I got out of bed and went downstairs for some breakfast and a strong coffee. Sat by the table with my coffee, I leant forward and pressed on a black button. The room brightened with soft glow. There they were again, the beasts we refer to as the media and the internet. The beast that I had been a victim too. My head had cleared and I returned to my sense once again thankfully. A little wiser and knowledgeable, I hope! 

A short story on the power of the internet and influence of the media on us all. Especially in times of panic, stress and pandemics   

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