Are you Two-Spirited?

If this is the first time you have come across the term Two-Spirit, you may be in for a surprise! 

My sources of information on this subject are limited as books are not in abundance and literature probably wasn’t encouraged too much on this subject. My account of their lives and roles within their communities only scratches the surface in bringing their existence to light.                                            

The term Two-Spirit is a fairly modern creation from 1990, describing a person who embodies their own spirit as male or female, plus a spirit of the opposite sex; within a society that accepted gender fluidity with individuals being valued more for their contribution to the community.  It can also be described as creating four genders — male, female, male two-spirit and female two-spirit; living freely, able to choose how they dressed and lived their lives. The earliest form of LBGT perhaps? 

While there were signs of similar spiritual communities across the world who also accepted sexual fluidity, it is more commonly known in the history of American Indians; documented as far back as the 1500s around the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico and times of the Aztecs. Unsurprisingly the Spaniards disapproved of them, calling them sodomites. But the Spaniards destroyed most of them in an attempt to eradicate ancient beliefs and exterminated them.  

From a book published in 1722 it states; that many, if not all tribes had been influenced by European homophobia/transphobia. The theme continued, later in history when Europeans Government officials arrived on the continent, their gender roles were forced upon them making them conform and giving up their own way of life!  

Religion has a history of the condemnation of anyone who did not accept the rules imposed upon them and seen as sinners, something that the history shows has been perpetuated to present day.   Two-spirit people held respected positions in their communities such as; medicine men/women, shamans, visionaries, mystics, conjurers, keepers of tribe traditions and more. But seen as a threat by European religions, they were condemned to surrender their own values and beliefs in exchange for compromise not of the same value as their own. 

For centuries, diversity and non-conformity have not been welcomed within society around the world and evidently punished those who dared to challenge it. 

Are we seeing a new awakening?  

Not only on a two-spirit level, but for all humanity! There have been many belief systems that have continued to be rejected for a long list of reasons by those who refuse to submit to them. The systems I refer to are not just religious, but also political and socio-economic ones too. Communism, capitalism and pretty much all other systems of control and oppression are been seen for what they are; none of them working well or without corruption or biased towards the wealthy. People are waking up on a wide spectrum of issues, one which I hope stems from a spiritually based connection. If previous beliefs have failed our expectations on a global scale, where do can go from there?  

‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton. 1834–1902 

Can we overcome the barriers that have kept us apart for centuries, preventing us from uniting as people of this planet and caring for each other and the world we live upon? If it is possible at all, it will take something very significant to bring it about, to break down traditions and structures designed and constructed to keep us where we have been for an eternity. Why should it have been like that at any time in history? 

We are on the cusp of a high-tech, AI, robotic, automated, higher level of control-based existence of mankind, we need to be prudent, observant and united.

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