More than I ever expected

Little did I know just how my life would transpire to evolve in the way that it has over the past few years! I could never have foreseen or predicted the outcome, which is still unfolding and presenting new horizons, ideas and concepts to me. Taking me forward on several plateaus simultaneously on spiritual and physical depths of discovery. 

I have also noticed that my articles have equally expanded in their philosophical and psychological content pertaining to many parts of life for us all, not just in my little bubble of a world in semi-rural France. I am sensing so much more and wish to open that portal further. I intend to embark on activities to assist me in the pursuit and hope that it carries me on to greater heights of knowledge and self-development and awareness. 

Throwing caution into the face of uncertainty and abandoning my fears and the emotional chains that had held me back for too long, is what I attribute in creating this experience by the decision that I made back in 2016 to accept myself for who and what I am  

A freedom that I unleashed that began in that process, which surprised me with the unexpected in the most delightful ways I could have hoped or imaged for. Apart from how this has affected me, it has introduced others into my life that previously may not have become my close and good friends, that I now am proud to have in my life. It has opened my thoughts and perception to a wider richness of life, allowing the expression of my true feelings and emotions that in turn, influence how I interact with others and they with me. It has been a rewarding period that has brought me to this point in time, when I feel in need of acknowledging this powerful stage of augmentation and enhancement to my life. 

I have an almost overwhelming feeling and need to centre myself, whether through meditation or otherwise. The situation that I find myself in right now, requires that I look inward to repair and heal myself, as a result of external and negative influences in the world since the early part of this year. I have an inexplicable desire to find greater depth of meaning to my spirituality right now, with a belief that I have the ability to get my body and spirit back to a better place. 

We are stronger united

– let us never forget that 

I began this article with complete optimism and enthusiasm, but need to end this on a sharp and hard-hitting point. If we are about to enter into an era of unemployment, depression, poverty, social changes and more on a scale never seen before, then I choose to prepare myself to be stronger spiritually, mentally and physically.

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