You’ve been Tagged

When I wrote this article, I was totally unaware of the imminent release of the excellent documentary Disclosure, directed by Sam Feder and produced by Laverne Cox and Amy Scholder. I most strongly recommend that you watch this important and powerful film. The timing of this is amazingly coincidental to the heart of my article, which makes me feel really good about the things that I have written, reinforcing my ideas and beliefs.

It started when you were born

As far back in history as you would like to go, there have been divisions of groups of people, based upon their wealth, religion, social position, race or color. It has become a worldwide accepted way throughout all cultures across time and nothing new. As such, each of us identifies with one or more of these Tagged groups in relation to who and what we are; a political choice, where we live, our social status etc. For it to become such a ‘natural’ thing to do is slightly unsettling in my mind.

Do we need tags?

What does being Tagged achieve for us who are invisibly labelled by them? A sense of belonging, maybe of achievement, professionally or otherwise? I’m sure they can help or hinder us throughout our lifetime; although they are not chosen by us, yet imposed by circumstances that are simply translated into a Tag by the location of your birth or your parent’s social position, one that is already defined by society. I would be bold enough to suggest that tags hold a power that is able to damage or render us ineffective with our future prospects in life and diminished to levels of impossibilities. Keeping us neatly confined within the parameters of our Tags.

We are entering an era that no generation before us has experienced or encountered. However, taking a positive perspective on this, we are in bad need of many global changes to stop the destruction and extinction of so much life on this planet. Sadly, I am not feeling that the forces in play have quite the same outlook for our future as I would hope for. I am holding onto a glimmer of optimism, that we the people of this world may be able to unite against the malevolent forces that have brought humanity to this point. An overwhelming obsession of wealth and greed with a general disregard for the wellbeing of people and life has dragged us along this path. One that many have blindly followed in good faith.

We will never stop progress, nor should we, but there are key factors that should concern us greatly about our collective future. What and how things are managed and controlled with due care and consideration, with empathy and love, for the benefit of all life in this world.

I wish that I could broadcast this message with the same power held by the media

Broadcast with the persistence and regularity of the present pandemic warnings that have been pumped out relentlessly across every form of media. Conditioning people that they need to comply without questioning anything. Simply do as you told or be punished! What people need to do is take in a huge breath of fresh air, open their eyes and look deeper into our history and what is going on right now and has been for a long time.

Leaders and governments are elected to serve and represent the people who elected and trusted them, not to be suppressed or controlled in uncaring ways. Shouldn’t they be obligated to demonstrate care, compassion and concern for all people and all life? Is feels to me, that this shouldn’t be a question that I should have to ask!

My personal message

To my fellow citizens of Earth, this is a time like no other. A time that we need to come together for all of our futures and for the generations who will follow us. We have a duty to ourselves and to our children. Is there really anything more important or of value in our brief interaction in this physical world?

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