Change the negatives into positives

This simple act can provide such power to your thinking, improve your life, world and beyond your imagination! This may not come about so easily, as most worthwhile things in life, but believe me it is worth every second of your time to accomplish this. 

The principal is fairly basic; it requires a shift in your perspective, thinking and the belief in possibilities yet undiscovered! Perhaps the simplest thing is to present an example to demonstrate the thinking behind this powerful ability. 

Understanding what is happening 

Let me give you an example, and one that sparked off the reason to write and share this with you after the events of yesterday: 

Late in the afternoon yesterday, I learned that a curfew is being imposed from tomorrow where I live and across France from 9am to 6pm for one month, when we are not supposed to leave our homes between those hours. My immediate reaction was a mixture of emotions and feelings. Some based upon my learned and programmed behaviour and some from my disappointment of the implications for future events that I had planned.  

Separate from the obvious limitations of not being able to socialise with friends and go out when I choose, there were more sensitive issues concerning my personal life and on a much more important level. The most important was the continuation of electrolysis in Paris, with two appointments booked and train tickets purchased for dates in November. Not to mention that I was hoping to reconnect with a French trans friend that I met 3 years ago, who I had invited to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. The situation looks as if none of these events are likely to take place now. 

Understandably, I felt a little angry and very disappointed. The anger was mild but nevertheless it was anger. An emotion that I rarely encounter and try at all costs to avoid and consciously release from my life. It was while in conversation with Char, my Canadian friend, author and life coach, explaining the situation that I had and the realisation that I needed to redirect the negative aspect and energy that I was feeling to use it in a positive way that would benefit myself 

Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of a curfew I chose to adopt the mindset, that this in fact was a great opportunity for me! The force of the curfew imposed upon me, created a surge of emotions, ones that I would redirect into positive and constructive energy and use for my self-development, mediation and learning for my personal benefit. To use the power and energy that had been forced upon me with bad intent, claim it and re-channel it to further my own choices and decisions. One of the first to emerge was the idea to describe this event in an article and to share with you all.  

Since making that conscious choice, I have felt very empowered by my decision in turning this around to become a positive outcome, changing something that began as an extremely negatively charged and an uninvited moment into my life. One I had initially believed I had no control over, a result of my programmed thinking of 60+ years of faking it as a man; a life of compliance and submission. A life I have happily exchanged for one that I am more aware of and in control of.  

Always a matter of choice 

We always have a choice in what we decide and accept to believe. What is a belief? It’s certainly not the truth! So, we need to question as we go through our day, what choices we should and need to make in controlling our own destiny and life? When you are able to achieve this, you can be objective and not subjective to what you encounter and experience daily, allowing yourself to filter and select the right direction to guide your life towards.  

Surely, nobody would knowingly wish to be a victim of life and would consciously prefer to be firmly in control of their life to create one of happiness, love and contentment? 

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

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