A mindful heart

Allow your head and heart to help you be yourself

Through the centuries the heart has been regarded in literature, poetry, art song and society as a symbol of love, faith and courage and more. It is has been used to describe an emotional connection with another, nature, you true self and much more in direct reference to the heart as a major part in that emotion, feeling or experience.

Nature never did betray the heart that loved her
William Wordsworth

The Egyptians had a special relationship with the heart and resurrection, which can be seen in much of their art and culture. It was of key importance in their passing through to the afterlife. Five gods Anubis, Ammut,, Ma’at, Osiris and Thoth would greet the person in the afterlife to conduct the weighing of the heart ceremony. The heart would weighed against the feather of Ma’at, only if it was lighter than the feather it would show they had lived a good, truthful life and would be allowed to pass on to eternal life in the kingdom of Osiris. Their relation to the heart and terms of good and truth reflect a perception of the heart’s purpose and value.

It has long been understood that the heart can indicate an emotional state by beating faster in a moment of panic or crisis, anxiety, fear and even love. A method that has been applied to for lie detection. We know ourselves, when our heart races in a moment of expectation such as when in love. An incredible vital organ that beats from the moment of it’s creation until the day we die. Never skipping a beat, until when you meet the love of your life of encounter a  near death experience for example. Otherwise, working away 24 hours a day 365 days a year, never stopping or resting. Knowledge and understanding of how it works to keep us alive and healthy is increasing but not complete.

If prior generations had an understanding of the heart that still has elements relevant to society now, why has that not been explored and encouraged for our betterment. Is it one more thing that has been excluded from our lives that could really allow and provide a way that we could find such a high level of empowerment, natural sense of purpose and contribute in the world on such an amazing level. Imagine for a moment if that really was possible that we could be and live a life that we chose from beginning! Perhaps that may be pure speculation on my part or not, although I doubt I will live to learn one way or the other. For now, simply holding onto that potential for now will have to suffice.   

The existence of neurons in the heart and brain

Science has established that the heart contains Neurons, much the same as in the brain, which is formed in the embryo during the early stages of growth and before much of the body has begun to fully develop. The heart is directly connected to the brain and receives information when the mind sends signals to the brain and other parts of the body so it can function as a whole when needed. I pose the question, that if the heart can react to a physical or emotional situation, could it be possible that it affects a great deal more than we presently believe? It feels like a sensible and logical progression of thinking. Perhaps, it also explains how it has been used through out history in relation to many emotional aspects in life from love to courage, to gaining satisfaction by ‘putting your heart into something, or someone’ and that you are passionate about and feel a love towards.

So many people spend much of their life in a job they feel trapped in, or in other situations that do not synchronise with who they are, their passions and desires, their sense of purpose in life. Those who find their way into a career and or life, that integrates well with their heart’s desire and can lead to a fulfilled existence, growing and developing themselves in an activity that consumes them completely. Doesn’t that just sound like a better way for people to live?

Instead we are educated in ways that can overlook any personal qualities or natural abilities unless seen as a commodity for business and profit. I am fortunate to know a few people that have natural skills, despite the educative process and have gone on to make that their choice of employment. The self employed, who are largely those who have chosen their own career and direction, can find it difficult to progress. However, self employment can be at a high personal cost, in long hours far beyond a 9 to 5 job and no longer a seven day week, something that is becoming an accepted standard in the western world in many areas of employment.

If you believed that your heart played a greater part in your life, would you have a different respect for it? Would you take care of it by eating more healthily, taking regular exercise, consuming less or no alcohol, not smoke and avoiding stressful situations daily? Be more aware and value your body, heart and mind, with the respect that you owe to yourself and nobody else.

Look after your head and heart and enable it to look after you.

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