Stop feeling helpless

The feeling of being helpless is a self defeating emotion that disables you

To get past that negative state of mind, you can think your way out of it or something or someone else can pull you out of it. As with any negative situation you do not have to suffer any more than you choose, it is possible to empower yourself and take actions against any negative that enters into your life. We all possess that ability and power and always have done. We can overcome so much, heal and cure our biological self and change out patterns of thought, something we have lost or been denied through society and a deliberate way of keeping the masses in the dark about the natural abilities we have.

I will link this up in another way before I move to ways in how we can defeat helplessness: Throughout history, so very much has been re-written, destroyed and banished if it didn’t suit the ruling bodies that prevailed at that time. A sequence of events that has been repeated time and time again. I won’t dig deeply into that too much here as there is enough information out there if you care look. Religion is among those bodies that have used these actions to create deception and suppression of information, deemed to be unsuitable and in conflict with the beliefs that are chosen to be imposed on believers and similar to all other organisations and bodies that have acted with this intention for self for self benefit and gain.

That and many other control systems are no longer working in the way they once did. Humanity is going through a huge awakening on a global scale as a result of an awareness and realisation of how history has been manipulated and pretty much everything we interact with on a daily basis in this part of humanities existence that we are in. Whatever narrative is being pushed my media or any government official source for our future is not set in stone, the future is yet to happen and remains unpredictable thankfully.

We have a natural power and ability to influence the outcome of anything we choose. By giving our attention collective in the world we can make things happen or not. This has been used against humanity through dividing countries, communities, groups of every descriptions and in an age old statistical method of warfare of divide and conquer. Yes! this is warfare in an almost invisible way, that use all forms of media from printed matter, advertising and cinema to mind control techniques discovered in the 40’s, which have been refined and used in modern warfare to create desired outcomes and achieve whatever that agenda was to instigate such action. Companies that exist now are employed by governments to bring about desired outcomes without the public being aware that they have been manipulated and controlled towards a preset agenda and conclusion. We are led to believe that we have freedom in our lives.

That was until this year when we are experiencing and seeing our basic rights being eroded from our lives under the flag of a pandemic. Laws being passed so fast and without public consent that absolve businesses and governments from responsibility for their actions no matter how terrible or damaging to humanity by their enforced decisions and actions are delivered to us without our agreement. All covered by their statements that they are acting ‘in our best interests and safety’ while having a very different plan. The cracks are becoming visible and the threat of humanity; a coming together and working as a collective force shakes their foundations of power and wealth as they have never felt before.

Gain control of your emotions

The first step in how to gain back control not only of your emotions and feelings of helplessness, is to bring them into you conscious and unconscious thinking, giving your attention.

What ever we choose to focus on and giving our conscious attention to, will be exactly what we create and invite into our lives. The more you reflect upon your thinking, begin to imagine; think about it and be vocal about. The greater influence you will have on you life and events associated with it. A simple way of looking at that is: really believe that you will have a great day, feel it emotionally as you have that thought and think how you would feel when that happens, what an amazing great day you are having, being grateful for everything and feeling the love of life and feeling so good. Think it feel it, think What if..? If only… etc. By posing these type of questions you begin to spark neurological energy in your mind and creating new patterns of thinking.

Remember – To succeed, you must first believe that you can

Doing this on a regular basis will attract beautiful things into your day, week and life. Try to keep your thinking on a positive path, becoming aware if your thought drift into old ways of thinking and living based on your past. The future does not exist in that moment, so why base it on what happened in your past. Think how different it could be and what you want it to be. In time, you will begin to create it just by focusing on this daily.

Beware, the opposite can occur if your thinking and feelings are drawn into believing that the future will be the same as in the past. If you continue to think and act in the same way, you will get the same results. It’s that simple! Do not give your attention to negative things or people.

By focusing on elevated emotions such as love, gratitude, joy or bliss for 5-10 minutes a day can produce enough neural activity that will begin to create new thought patterns and being to improve you biologically and psychologically.You can do this at anytime during your day, when on a train or bus, driving to work of doing some menial taks    

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