Learning to fly

Transcendence to the self

What has flying got to do with self-acceptance?
And does acceptance come in two parts?
You might think it very strange to pose these two questions?

If you can manage to read through and get the end, I’ll try my best answer these questions from my point of view, based on my life experience and understanding, in a way that it seems to fit my beliefs and world. I understand the tough challenge I have set myself to write this article, placing complete trust in myself and the ability to be vocal in this way and ‘Shaking the Tree’ of your thinking and perception. By the end of this article, I hope that you may feel a little different than when you began.

I think that we are often confused about who we are and what we are. ‘Who Am I’ and ‘What Am I’ are concepts that are independent parts of our identity while being directly and inseparably linked, both being integral parts of each and every one of us.  Each part propels us through each day and all of life’s happenings, while each part invariably leads us to the other.

We are all made of the same ingredients, consistently stamped out in the human mold.  At the same time, each of us is totally unique, having grown up in our own unique environment and influences. We all have the same basic drives, urges and desires yet we all pursue them in our own individual fashion.  It is then understandable that we each have a different outlook and perspective on our own existence in every sense. In a very intimate way, We are all the same, only different! We are all aware of this to one degree or another, so then each of us has a reasonable idea of what we are and who we are.

Who Am I

Who Am I, is a pretty big question. This relates to exactly what it is that allows us to be, exist, have consciousness and thought, the ability to turn them into physical interactions in this world through the What Am I. If you need to ponder on that and come back later that is fine and understandable. This does and will take some deep thinking about Who and What we are. Many never give time to try and understand this and much more about themselves. It is essential to develop all of our abilities and senses to allow us to live a full, enriched and content life. To have a sense of knowing, connection of Who and What, to reconnect with our instinctive and natural senses of life and all that it means. Not to live in fear of death or anything else, but to be aware and in control, have a sense and understanding of our part in this physical world, where we live for a short period in the history of humanity. This spiritual, non physical part of us, our Heart-based brain/mind, for love, compassion and knowing, the connection with everything.

What Am I

The essence of What Am I, is to describe the physical and material aspects of ourselves. How we present our physical state and form to others in how we perceive what we physically are. Confirmed by what we see in a mirror, what we hear, speak, style of clothes we choose and everything about our appearance on the outside. The ways we physically interact with everything. Our thoughts that become our personality over time and can influence everything. The brain/mind-based part of us is engaged in how we physically act and participate in this world. Guided by the heart in matters of the soul and our deepest desires and passions.

We create a self-image and compare it to others that we observe. Society has promoted this process in a competitive fashion, to feed the system with an income loop and keep us locked into it like a cog in the machine. Is this for the benefit of others or ourselves? Who or What do we satisfy in how we present ourself in the world we interact with it?

The What Am I, exists as a direct result of the Who Am I part of us. Without the conscious self (Who Am I) the rest cannot become or exist. It exists only because of the Who Am I, and that we chose to create it. Are you still with me here?

Learning to fly

Now to explain the title of this article and how it relates to Who and What we are. Trying to make this easy to understand with what I wish to say, I look at a young fledgling at a pivotal moment of its life, where it is presented with a choice to make. One that could end its life swiftly or allow it to ascend literally, to greater heights in its own lifetime. A young bird that has hardly begun its journey or to live its life.

At that moment in time, it stands alone with just what it has been born with, its instincts and a sense of what it is, perhaps much more than I can fully understand. However, it has a consciousness, a heart and brain, with other senses that it needs as a bird to survive. It has been taught little by its parents and operates on what instinctively knows at a foundational level of its being, yet a species that can navigate without maps. Is that a natural and instinctive quality of a bird? I have no doubt of that.

The key to this analogy, is when it reaches the point where it knows that it must fly. To tap into its natural ability and skill, using its aerodynamic body and wings to raise itself up into the skies in search of all that is needs to continue it’s life. No pressure at all for such an inexperience little creature that has never flown before.

Launching itself into air, it somehow manages to fly! Not all fledglings are so lucky to get past this point due to predators or poor health. What it does show, is the natural ability and belief in itself. Born within nature and connected to it in ways that we are not. Not because we are unable, but as a result of how we live our lives. Whether you agree, that it is where and how we live that affects us in that way or as a result of other influences on humanity, is beside the point. We have lost that part of ourselves, consciously or unconsciously to be where we are now.

The bird knows without instruction how to fly, it believes it can and it does it, not questioning but living it in the moment. Is it consciousness of who and what it is? Perhaps that doesn’t serve it’s purpose, or is unable to have that level of thought.

One theory is, that humanity is the only species that can consciously think in this way, to influence our thoughts to create change, to use our conscious and unconscious mind to create on the most divine level of our existence, through to the physical reality of our daily lives. Within our present knowledge, we are the only species that are able to understand the difference between those two sides of our being. The physical and the realms of the conscious and unconscious being and that create all life.

Transcendence to the self

It is not enough to understand What Am I without Who Am I. They are inseparable, while very different parts of our totality. We need to understand both equally and bring them into our awareness in becoming whole and complete. When achieved, we can consider ourselves to be elevated to a higher frequency. Not at the peak of our ability, but moving towards a completely new way of thinking and seeing ourselves in a very different light. This understanding takes us into the next realm of our being, nearer to understanding our place in the universe of life, that we are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. Similar to the two parts that make us whole, What I Am and Who I Am. An eternal loop and constant flow of feedback, learning and knowledge with divinity and a serenity second to none.

2 thoughts on “Learning to fly

  1. So insightful. The who and what I am are questions that I try to figure out daily. Society puts so much pressure on us to conform and fit into a mold that it’s becoming more difficult to discover our true selves. Somedays I know who I and other days, I struggle with what I am.

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    1. Dear Monika, thank you so much for your kind words. We need to focus on our natural instincts, senses and feelings, embrace who and what we are with love and gratitude for all that we have. Life really is quite simple, but we have been taught to complicate it and disconnect from nature and our spiritual inner self. To have a knowing and understanding. It is possible, to achieve a frame of mind where you know you are in control of you future and yourself. Even in these strange times!
      Love and hugs

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