We teach what we need to learn ourselves

The statement ‘We teach what we need to learn’, is a very powerful one and can be helpful in understanding ways in which we can educate ourselves while passing knowledge to others. Sometimes we can be advised not to take sayings that have been in existence for many years in such a literal way, I believe this is one of those moments. While I truly relate to and agree with the statement, I feel there is a much deeper and quite different interpretation of what this implies at another level of awareness.  

Take for example when we write something that we are trying to explain to another in a letter, a report, article or book, we reprocess what we think we already know and understand. Like the universe, we are forever learning, developing and changing as we move forward through life; through this process when revisiting what we already ‘know’, we are able to review the information as it flows from us on to paper or in speech or thoughts, we are able to consider different ideas and concepts that we had, upon first acquiring that knowledge.

Finding new meaning

As a consequence we can find a new meaning, a new understanding and awareness in a completely alternative way, that was not apparent previously to us. It can be an epiphany moment, when suddenly things fall into place as if by some kind of magic, creating a new picture and story with a new meaning.

We cannot underestimate the power of words, no matter how we use them in thoughts, speech, the written word or in print. Every word we use has its own meaning and energy that can create amazing effects in others. Look at modern society and how we can communicate with another via a mobile phone; not by a call, but a simple text message of just one single word! That one word can create an immediate effect within another, increasing their heart rate, invoking any number of emotions and feelings, bringing back memories, feelings of love, compassion, sadness, make them smile, laugh, shout out, the possibilities are endless. And that is only the immediate moment. We may even affect their future life, a decision yet to be made, or help in dealing with a moment from the resent past with another endless list of possible outcomes. All from one single word sent from a distance, that encapsulates so much more than can be seen in the written form; yet means so much to another person, because of numerous reasons of connection between you both. It wouldn’t necessarily mean the same thing if sent to someone else.

Coming back to teaching ourselves what we need to learn and the power of the words we use, is given a new meaning and sense of impact in what we can incorporate into our daily lives. If we can become aware of this process, we acquire an ability to learn quicker and understand, at deeper levels through the use of those words that we draw from our unconsciousness. We can allow our mind to review what we already have found and learned, to see new links that take us further in our personal growth of everything we are.

By recognising this in ourselves we can connect better with the information that we take in on every level, even that we cannot see, but affects us internally. The external combines with the internal and we gain new insights in all we interact with, and not only with words.

By writing this text I am teaching myself about the very subject that I am writing about. It may not impact me now and perhaps I may never notice the effect. That does not prevent me from knowing that it does happen and isn’t critical for me to note a future change as a result of this. However, I do believe that this will spark more thoughts and ideas, that will link to others and create new perspectives, knowing and understanding as I grow and continue on my journey.

I know that I have much to do and accomplish in this physical life, and writing is just a part of that for myself and to share with others who read this. I hope that you too may find some sense of clarity from this and invite it into your own life.

In what is becoming my signature and sign-off lately to my messages and contact with others, I end this article with with my offer to you all, through the use of  two very special words: Love and Hugs

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