Is that yours or is that you?

That is a very simple question that we can ask ourselves but are unlikely to have asked it to ourselves. Unless you have already reached a level of understanding who and what you are. Who and what we are eternal questions that beg to be answered by consecutive generations, with a cornucopia of alternative replies that can mean the same thing or variations of possibilities.

It feels like the right time and place to bring this answer into the limelight and create a better understanding for many people. We are presently living in very different times within our own lifetime and history of this planet. Much is in question and under scrutiny as a result of events since early 2020 and long before, we have been plunged in a world panic state that is not offering a great deal of hope or future for many. Suicides are out running deaths in certain countries due to an inability to cope with the conditions we are all being subjected to, only in quite varying levels or impact and extremities for every individual.

If you’re reading this you are one of the lucky ones evidently, but that does not automatically qualify you to be empowered to the best of your ability. There is a great deal that each of us can engage in consciously to change things for the better. We cannot personally change many of the things that are external in our lives, but we do have a great innate ability within us all to control and affect our own lives, biology, psychology, thoughts, actions and our future. We all have this within us, making a connection with it allows us to invite this into our lives and acquire a raised level of being. This rarely happens overnight or instantly, but there are things that can occur rapidly and ‘in the moment’ once you are on that path.

We have to prepare out mind and body by increasing our sensitivity to concepts and ideas to become beliefs and experiences. We need to create an awareness of who and what we are to open up our mind and perception of the pure magic of life that we can all access, if we can focus with the correct Intent, Love and Compassion in a selfless way. These are the keys to our future and should never be underestimated. That we and life are magical and beautiful.

Where are you?

This question is to create an awareness of what we basically are. So let us ask ourselves that question in this way: are your lips yours or are they you, are your hands yours or are they you, are your eyes yours or are they you? Did you feel that was rather childish? It may well have felt like that, but the child mind is often forgotten in its purity and innocence, so perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad thing to feel.

I assume the reply in your mind to each question was, they are yours. So, if all of the parts of your body, internally to your outer skin and hair are yours, where are you?

Relatively, it is quite a simple thing to understand, the difference however, is a difficulty for many in being able to accept where they are and what they are. If we are none of our physical body parts we must exist somewhere surely? What remains after eliminating our body is our consciousness as the last part of us that we know without doubt does exist. Our existence is of a spiritual nature that is conveyed through our physical body, allowing us to interact in the physical world we are working and living in.

This is the point we need to reach in our mind, to empower ourselves and move forward in our understanding and knowing, that without, progress would be unlikely achieved. This is a foundation that so many things are built upon by being centred, balanced and having a degree of control and comprehension of our own power and ability that we have within us all.

Nature never empowers anything with more than it needs to live and survive in its environment at that point in time. Leading and modern science is proving and changing our knowledge about many things in our world and lives, changing our self-awareness and connections with the universe, life and nature. We have within each of us, a greater capacity than we able to bring into our daily lives currently, but that is beginning to alter with what we are learning about humanity and the world we are a part of. How we can create and influence our future, our body and our mind.

If you thought that you could begin every day with a heightened state of mind, feeling happy and positive, full of energy, an enthusiasm for life with a love for everything and everyone, would you prefer that or where you are now?

This is not necessarily about gaining or acquiring greater wealth or material possessions, but living in a happy, loving, balanced state of mind, without needs that can lead to addiction and excess, but of fulfilment and gratitude with a love for life, everything and everyone, to know exactly who and what you are.

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