Truth and Beliefs

A belief is not a truth

A belief can trap you in your mind and make you suffer or be a victim for your whole life or not, it can make you ill or well. It can affect so much of every part of your life, body and mind. Affect you in either positive and enhancing ways or negative and damaging ways, the choice is already ours to make. The ‘Placebo Effect’ has been shown in tests and experiments to reveal how that something perceived as good for you can enable you to cure yourself of illness without really have taken a real medication by unknowingly taken s medication that has no effect at all on your health.

A belief can be forced upon us through certain ways that encourage us to fit in with society and not stand alone in the world in what we eventually believe.

The tiniest amount of truth can allow a much bigger deception to become convincing in its delivery by the power of the component of truth that is embedded within it. It is like the sugar on a bitter pill that we can swallow with out noticing the unpleasantness of the pill. It becomes evident in its use when we understand the use and power of words, listen carefully to what is spoken and the language used in conveying messages and information via the media and other sources. A small but truthful comment can be added to a text to create a sense of believability, especially when it is used at the start of dialogue or text. It sets the foundation for the rest to sit upon in a credible way. Information can follow that informs you of things you may not be familiar with, and as such, a degree of licence can be employed to create a false impression or acceptance of misleading information. It can allow a salesperson to be free with the use of words and bend the truth to seek and secure a sale, or any other situation where the desired outcome is desired by the another and not ourselves. Can you see times in your life when you feel that you have already experienced this at some time?

Knowing the truth

Truth has the power to set you free when you are empowered with it. It is an instinct that I believe is inherent in us from birth, but like so much else is ‘lost’ or more accurately, that we have become disconnected from it and find it more difficult to ‘know’ the truth. Exasperated even more by media of all kinds as a result of decay into regurgitating information in misinformed ways. Thus creating a greater separation from the basic and essentials part of our natural state. To the point where it may create a state of misbelief in our own thinking and perception, if a repeated experience, it can become our belief if we allow it. We always have a choice.

We have receptor cells within our body that are important in deciding what our body will accept or reject. They will allow only what I body can already create into our cells and bodies to change our health and biological condition. It does this on a non-stop basis throughout our lives. In terms of modern medicine, and that I believe can be so much more. All types of ‘over the counter’ and prescribed medication come with information in tiny print somewhere on the product or packaging. The small leaflet that often accompanies these will mention the correct use and dosage, along with a range of possible side effects that may be encountered in taking those medications. This has become an acceptable part of modern medicine in creating medicines that may help you but with a known risk attached. Some cases in taking a medication, will not provide the result or effect desired rendering it useless. In these situations, there may be a very simple reason for that outcome. If a medicine contains any chemicals that our body does not create itself, how likely is it to absorbed and used by our biology? If it is not used within us, where do they go? While in us, could they create undesired ‘side effects’ by their presence?

It is important to mention, that I am not advising anyone not to take prescribed mediation they have or will be given. Especially if they have suffered a condition that required surgery or some such intervention with their physical body or for psychological reasons. As a result of an accident or to prolong life and, or to remove infection, disease, or parts of the anatomy that need treatment in that way.

Medical science is astonishing in the ways that is has developed and continues to do so. But it should not exclude thinking outside of conventional approaches and historic knowledge of other natural remedies that have been shown to treat many things. I do not understand why homoeopathy is being excluded from medicine today, and banned in France and likely other countries too. Is this the power of corporations taking control of the world of medicine and treatments? Surely natural treatments using nature as the suppliers must be more in alignment with our bodies than chemical concoctions

Within each and every one of us, is the ability for our biology to produce a huge range of chemicals. These range from being produced in various physical, biological and psychological states that we can find ourselves in at any given moment. In the case of fear or anxiety, for example, the brain detects our state and acts in an automatic manner. It will produce the chemicals our body needs to support whichever state we are in and knows what we require. The downside to this is, the process is also responsible for addictions to be created for anything. If we get a high from gambling, the chemicals are produced to support that. In the regrowth of the receptor cells, they are more resililent to that stimulus and require a higher level of stimuli. This is how addiction is created and its requirement to satisfy a desire, and to create the chemistry within us to pascify that demand we have created internally.

The human body is a system more advanced that any computer that exists today. We are the most incredible and complex system that can consciously self-regulate and heal itself, The process that goes on internally from the moment we are born to our death is nothing less than sheer wonder in its intricate and mind-blowing way, how it all works and connects on a subatomic level. Our cells produce photons of light to communicate with each other, Each cell has the equivalent of an antenna and a transmitter. Each cell generates 0.7 volts, a very small charge, but when you understand that we have 50 trillion of them, that equates to a total potential of 3.5 trillion volts from our cells. This is just a very small part of what we are. But I hope this can begin to make you realise that we are so much more than we imagine.

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