The Monetisation of Oneness

This must never happen ever!

Evolution is a natural process and has taken place since the first moment in time of our universe coming into existence, at the first Planck length of time, the smallest measurement of time as we understand today.

Everything within it equally has and is evolving continuously and it is all connected as a result of emanating from the same one source of all creation at precisely the exact same moment in time. Humanity has developed in its intellectual and spiritual aspects above physical or mental abilities. We still only use a very small part of our brain capacity but use most of our physical energy to live and survive. Little has changed in our physical evolution.

I believe that humanity is close to a point in its history of the next stage of development towards a higher understanding and connection with spirituality on all levels, and only in a just-in-time fashion! The past year’s events that have taken place on a global level that have caused a huge effect on the world and all living things. A first response, depending on your awareness of many things, will allow you to view some aspects of change as having a good or bad effect on all life.

Let’s begin by get the negative out of the equation here early on, and focus our attention on the positive energy of ourselves and the universe. What we have experienced and seen depends upon the ability of each one of us to have acquired the understanding and comprehension that we are so much more than has been believed until this point, in the time line of humanity.

The illusion

For those who have not found this, are the ones who have given up their freedom on many levels, thinking and a knowing of their own spirituality, remaining in an illusion that they have been in control of their life, and not surrendered their responsibility to others who have controlled that path, over and above their own desires, passions and ideas.

Through what is now being presented to the world as our perceived future, by those with unimaginable wealth, power and influence across the world, and at the core of corporations, global commerce, embedded in governments and banking everywhere, are visions of a handful of individuals. In essence, a non-elected group of the worlds wealthiest and privileged.   

Our future has been described by the World Economic Forum through the Reset as, ‘You will own nothing and be happy’. AI has been in our lives for a considerable time, harvesting information on every aspect of our existence, via facial recognition, social media, the internet and mobile phones that track our every move – no matter if we dislike or don’t consent to it.

Those are simply some of the methods that are in plain sight for all to see. However, a little research can reveal that many more ways are possible to reap and sow what is decided that we should give and receive from such powerful groups. That leads to the need to accept, if other methods are at their disposal, and I assume there are, they will be used. We have seen too much evidence over our lifetime to be convinced differently.

Take for instance how the world pandemic has give rise and reason for so much to be implemented that chips away out our basic rights and freedom under the smoke screen of the life threaten situation. Too many actions and the so called management of the past year have created a clearer picture of intent to confuse, mislead and steer humanity in a direction that is not of our natural choice. That remains in high contention with millions of people who are aware of this abuse and misuse of power, in the hands of a few. A few who greatly benefit by striking a blow of this magnitude to the population of the world.

Business moguls have invested into new science and technology to create implants that are described as ‘being able to enhance humans’. Cashless banking, digital passports, ID chips and the list goes on. The satellites that are being launched to engulf the planet that will allow us to connect to the ‘hive mind’.  The WEF led by Herr Schawb, who has written books that describe exactly what we are seeing now, but written long before it happened! Too  much of a coincidence, like so much else that has surfaced over the past year.


The dehumanisation of humanity, turning them into compliant cyborgs with no spiritual connection to nature or the universe. This manifestation of the addiction of the wealthy and powerful can never be satisfied,  that hunger and desire for more and more will continue, until what? That, without question, is an Addition!

Access to almost anything that can be desired by an individual with such wealth, can be found, bought or created, and I mean anything!  We do not have an understanding of what has been developed and created that is kept from us and only seen when It can generate income from our use and need to use it. We could have free electricity for example, of light bulbs that lasted a lifetime, if it was desired by those in control.

Scientist, Nikola Tesla was refused investment to further his research into free electricity, but, because ‘if it couldn’t have a meter put on it, it was seen as having no value’ to the investor. This is the mindset of those who have created our world and technology for ‘our benefit’

New science and technology and so many manufactured items are produced with the single outcome of generating high profit, without concern or regard for people or the planet. We are all seen as disposable and replaceable, just like so much of manufactured-short-life-goods of today. Who really benefits from this madness? Who gets the blame for the destruction caused along that path of financially driven actions? Of course, it’s humanity, who are only being given everything ‘in our best interest’. ‘In our best interest’, has become a mantra to really mean that is creates more wealth for the already wealthy, but we are led to believe that our well being and that of the planet is at the heart of the product or service.

If that were the case, do you think for one second that we would be in this crisis now? Technology could manipulate the weather to avoid hurricanes, drought, famine and so much more. Unfortunately, we are more likely to see division, aggression, war, confrontation, terrorism and violence that is created, instigated and financed for control and profit.

Individually it is impossible for us to challenge what we do not agree with, to change the world for the better. But I am fairly certain that humanity is experiencing an evolutionary stage. This is where I return to concept of Oneness and an attempt to monetise it for further control, power and wealth by the very same minority who are trying to take us on a trans-human journey, to their idea of a future for this world.

By accepting that the wealth sector that I refer to, have access to almost anything they choose or desire, it makes sense to consider that my perspective is already known by them and that they would be working to prevent such awareness becoming wider spread and popularised.

In reality, by considering the intention of interfering with humanity in the way it’s envisaged, would be a disturbance of the natural process of life at its core and basic level.


Something inside of me, is telling me that this is not only immoral, but against all the basic principles of life, universal energies and forces that we are all connected to and part of. It would be breaking sacred rules of the purity of humanity and consciousness, never know before to have taken place. Or has it? Could the events taking place and along with the proposed trans-human future, be the reason that we are on the verge of a sixth civilisation extinction event in the history of this planet? Has this been attempted before, using a similar but different science and understanding.

It would be short sighted and conceited to think that we were the highest and most evolved form of life in the universe, with no other higher intellect or understanding anywhere in the vastness of space. No matter if we are or not, what is being planned and laughingly stated ‘in our best interests’, is never going to be the salvation of humanity or our future.

The emergence of a new and spiritual awareness and connection with everything is increasingly filtering through to surface around the world. Humanity is responding to the concerted effort of a few, by using natural human instincts and senses, intuition, knowing and connections that have always been present within us from birth. Nature has never empowered any species with more than it needed to survive. From our first presence in this world, Homo sapiens have been empowered with an excess of ability that remained largely untapped and unused until recently. We are beginning to see that evolution take place now, as a survival response to the threat and extinction of humanity.

Harm another and harm yourself

We are the divinity of life, in all its beauty and glory. Humanity has sought gods in the disbelief of itself, while we are and have been that divinity, connected at a molecular level to everything in an inseparable way. Harm the planet and and harm yourself, harm another and harm yourself. Centuries have taken civilisations along a path to disconnection and where we find too many in the world at this point time, lacking a belief and understanding of this simple yet vital connection. Being lured along a path of material possession with values governed by money and allowing it to control too much of beliefs, ourselves and our lives.

We are relatively a short step away from a high spiritual understanding that is governed by truth, honesty, love and compassion. Not division and competition, but cooperation, growth and community, a Oneness with a far greater sense of meaning than that word has ever conveyed. A world where purity of what is valuable and beautiful in its creation and existence, becomes the chalice that we all drink from and rejoice in.    

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