Humanity, one race, one planet, one force

People can devote their lives in an attempt to understand themselves, who and what we are and what life is? Why are we here and what is our purpose? Eternal questions that appear to have puzzled and plagued many throughout time, and never more so now.

The complexity that one may encounter in this pursuit can be daunting to put it mildly, a subject so difficult to unravel. Where does it begin and does it even have an ending? I have my own understanding of the beginning of life, that once it began will never end, a continuous evolving loop of growth, knowledge and a development that works at levels of the smallest known particle in the universe.  A 3D spiral-come-loop of every energy, element and molecule known and unknown, that is forever creating and transforming in a perpetual process that we call evolution.

We never destroy energy, we simply transform it or mutate it. The prefix Trans, from it’s Latin original meaning is, across, over, or beyond. Things can change and be changed through Transformation, and while this is the more desirable route, nature requires an opposite to maintain balance and so Mutation is present. The word Transformation is made from two Latin words, Trans – across and beyond, and Formare – to form, together create the word Transformare, which means to change in shape, metamorphose.  Mutation, described in Latin is, Mutationem – (nominative mutatio) a changing, alteration, a turn for the worse. While Transformation is the result of love and positive energies, I feel that generally mutation in this sense is brought about by darker negative energies, not of such pure origination and hence the word mutation.

Birth and death are seen as definitive points of a beginning and end, but are simply part of an ongoing transformation of energy. Through transformation, things change shape, form and structure on its journey of becoming part of something new, to separate from, connect to, pass through, or touch so many things. Finally arriving back at the starting point once again, but in a completely new and upgraded way as it enters it’s own new cycle of life.

A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly going from one physical state to another, emerging in such colour and magnificence with a new ability of flight and experience of living. Few living things appear to have an ability to exist in more than one state. Water is one such other energy that can transform, from a liquid that creates our oceans, to clouds in the sky, rain, hail, snow and steam. It’s a large mass of energy that covers around 70% of the earth’s surface that is affected by the lunar cycle. Water is the elixir of life, one of the basic elements needed for the existence of all life on this planet. Every cell in our body needs and has water in it.  

The air which we breath and live engulfed in, can absorb or combine harmoniously, creating fog, mists, fluffy white clouds, or dark clouds full of thunder, lightening and rain. We have both the energies of water and air within us; we need it, use it and control it while its inside our bodies. All that the water has touched with has traces of it all embedded within it, that includes all life everywhere and at the same time.  

Two separate things can overlap their energies and combine their qualities in a fusion of the two, which can equally exist and likely does for most opposites. Very little is so able to be clearly defined to a knife edge point of separation of its existence, due to the basic fact that everything is connected and formed by exactly the same molecules, atoms, frequencies, energies, etc. This is the essence of the world we are present in. This phenomenon has been referred to by many names over time; collective consciousness, morphic field and resonance, the field or the zero point.

Humanity has an incredible ability to complicate the understanding of who, where, what and why or our existence. We can make a simple thing unbelievably complex, and what I feel has happened throughout our history. Perhaps not in an accidental way either, but that is a whole different article.

A belief in the material life, that has dominated many cultures and societies more significantly since the beginning of the industrial age, is now showing signs of decay. Those values and belief systems are failing on a level that is opening the shutters on the windows of the human soul and revealing the beauty of this amazing world. By opening those shutters, ends their disconnecting effect on humanity, allowing spirituality, understanding and a higher degree of knowing ‘what is’, for ourselves and the planet. Reawakening a caring for who and what we are, at the most spiritual and natural root of all life, at the centre of our heart and soul.

That disconnection was used to encourage a belief in recent times, that we are a blight on this world, which has been an abuse and misuse of words in the most abominable way, apart from being false. We are connected to this world at a basic level of all life, in that we are formed from the very same fabric and energy of life, forever part of it. Humanity has been indoctrinated to believe in its superiority over all else, and why we are in this dreadful mess today. Life exists and evolves through cooperation, not in a survival of the fittest manner, a misconceived and outdated theory that is now proven to be incorrect.

If we can stand in our own truth to bring our understanding into focus, we would not feel the need to question the tiniest things to know about ourselves. We would begin to feel it inside, after all we are beings made largely of energy and highly sensitive to external and internal signals and energies of all kinds. Our conscious extends outside of the body and beyond, so it is only natural to believe that we can feel and sense something of this magnitude, especially when we know that we are connected to everything.

We cannot describe a colour and know another will see it in exactly the same way, but still use that word to describe a colour that we see ourselves. If we can know and believe a simple word, then we can know many other things and believe in them, individually or collectively.  Our thoughts become our beliefs, which become our perception, which in turn we create into our reality. Our belief becomes our perception, becomes our reality, all from a single thought. We have been doing this all of our lives, but now we can know it’s in our own hands to create our own reality. We can do this together in bringing this beautiful world and humanity, back to a state of balance and harmony to be in tune like the most exquisite orchestra ever heard.

Deny division and separation and replace it with connection, community and togetherness. We are Humanity and this is our world to share with nature in harmony through our undeniable love.

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