We create the amazing daily

We may not have realised what we have been to doing since our childhood is nothing less than amazing! You may scoff at the idea but it is true, we may have simply lost the ability to believe and understand it.

Everyone deserves to know and understand

It doesn’t require a diploma or years of study to acquire, or a privileged lifestyle, it is one of our basic functionalities of life. The most natural of abilities like breathing or using our five senses. We were born with this skill but it appears to remain hidden from our awareness within in each of us. From a young age we are encouraged not to do many things, like don’t hold your breath, don’t pull faces, don’t keep asking questions, and so on, mainly during childhood – a period of growth in every sense of the word, spiritually, mentally and physically.

I have seen evidence of children under 10 years of age in England, that has developed an ability to See without using their eyes. Experiments where they wear masks over their eyes that prevent any sight or light to enter their vision, yet can read from a book, see what someone writes on a page in the same room or describe a drawing of something created by another. Immediately I questioned why I couldn’t do that as a child or now? Perhaps, if someone had told me that I could do the same at that age, could I too have had that belief to allow me to see like those children?

I guess what I am asking here, is what else could we have done as a child, when our minds were open to anything and our imagination wasn’t restricted at that young age. Now, at the age of 68 and approaching three score and ten, I wonder if it is too late to change, undo, re-program my brain and change my thinking. Do I still retain some of that magic of youth? I am still made of the very same fabric of life and carry the blueprint in my cells, DNA, and every level of my biology. It should be possible I feel and why not? Anything is possible, is what I tell myself with a strong degree of conviction.

This is the positive mindset that I work with on a daily basis that has changed my life over the past 4-5 years to bring me to an ability to write this now. This is my seeing, feeling and knowing all expressed within and through me, as words and articles, a magical experience that I encounter with a greater force and frequency that impacts on my life, mind, and perception – I’ve explained the power of perception many times in my writing!

I highly recommend that you can ponder, reexamine and reflect upon your life so far, looking at what has happened, reflecting on what you desired, dreamed about, and wanted. The easiest part to understand is the Wanted part. How do we go about getting what we want? We imagine how good it could be to have what we want, see how things could be better and be happy in ourselves, by getting just what we wanted! If we managed to get what we wanted, that could simply be, hearing from a friend by having a thought about them, we have already gone through the process of creating our future and possibly unaware that we created or influenced the outcome, the reality.

A beauty in its simplicity

What happens, is simply a question of our perception of the experience. Because this is such a natural quality, we do not see it as anything special, something to be nurtured or refined to work on, better ourselves in a more positive way. We already have many skills and abilities, but, we have either forgotten we have them or have allowed ourselves to be drawn away from them by a perceived need for survival. When all we had to do was create our survival by our own thoughts and perceptions.

Fear is one of the strongest and most powerful emotions that we possess. It can prevent us from living a good and happy life. There are many ways to overcome fear, through breathing techniques, meditation, therapy, and many more. A topic I may write about again with a new understanding of fear that I now have. Fear can keep us from what we perceive we do not understand and subsequently not embrace to include in our lives.

When we can understand how on a daily basis, we create and influence everything that happens to us that we encounter and experience, we become empowered in our own truth. Every one of us has this ability, no studying, no gurus, no preacher, no government required, nobody but ourselves to open up this awareness and understanding of what we are capable of. What we can do for ourselves, how we are responsible for our lives and no other. To be confident that we are as good as everyone else because we are all just the same, we are all humans who are born and die. We all need love and connection with others, a sense of belonging, and a part of a community. Once again these are basic human qualities, we do not need to find them as we already have them from birth.

In the end

When we die, what happens is up to each of us through what we choose to believe and perceive. All religions have their own version, while fundamentally and principally seeking the same. If you believe that your life ends when your body loses the ability to function properly, then perhaps that is what you will find. There are many theories, beliefs, and versions of life after death that go back to the earliest civilisations on the planet. These beliefs are present today, but the story evolves in a manner to fit the perception of the generation. Sometimes fabricated by those in power, or by those more spiritually connected and open to the wonders of life. Ultimately, we have the choice of what to believe, perceive and create as a reality, like any other part of our life. I choose to believe that I do not cease to exist upon the death of my physical body. Energy cannot be destroyed is a scientific fact. I am energy and will continue, perhaps to return to this world if I so choose.

Civilisation as we see it today, has not progressed very well overall and shows us clearly that errors have been made. Situations that have been allowed to develop by the complicit nature that has been created in societies that surrenders individual responsibilities to others, not asking questions or trusting in our own natural born instincts and abilities. By understanding our history and learning of our personal power and skills, we cannot continue in the same way in the world as we have already seen occur. A history that has led us to this break point in our history, where there really is nowhere else to go but up.

A wonder and magic that science cannot match

Science is fully aware that we are more powerful than the world’s best computer and there are those who see our future as being fully integrated with technology via implants and more. Chips that dispense with physical items such as bank cards, ID, etc. Replaced by connections through a PC, smartphone, network, or scanner, and who knows what? Who really benefits from these new types of connection to the human body and mind and soul? I seriously doubt I will and decline that route as of now.

Our brain computes at a Quantum level, that science and technology cannot copy or improve upon. We are now being described as Soft Technology, which indicates an understanding of just how powerful the human brain and mind already are. What our body carries out in a millisecond is miraculous once you learn what happens on a neurological, cellular, photonic, electronic, and microscope level inside us every day, you can begin to see why certain quarters are working to move towards cyber or trans-humans, with implants that connect us to technology. Because what we embody eludes technology today and is a frustration for those who seek its power. Most things that we know about in society, if possible, have been monetised or planned to be.

We have recently seen the power of data and how it has been harvested and used for profit. I can only see a techno connectivity with humans as slipping down that same slope only much faster ad sooner if unchallenged. The implementation of new technologies should be approached with caution and reflection, to ensure that they are used in only ways they are beneficial to all. Morals in small sectors of society have declined as much as we have lost our awareness of who and what we are. By adding technology to our body in a way that works well, requires us to already have that ability naturally to make it possible for a techno add-on to even be considered. This would cause atrophy and the loss of basic parts of our brain that make us human. Why moral examination in the use and implementation of new technologies should be questioned, before rushing headfirst in a careless way like a highly excited 5-year-old, rushing to get an ice cream before the seller drives away with chimes ringing out announcing the next stop.

Technology and science are knowledge that should serve humanity and improve many things. It does not need to sit within us. It cannot improve on what we already are and have, no matter what is stated. This is my belief, perception, and reality. Where I stand today and forever.

Just be your true self!

Featured photo by Anton Belitskiy

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