Nine years of change

Shifting sands

When we take a moment to look back at our past, we can realise a shift in what can be perceived as a movement of some nature, that has propelled us through numerous events and experiences, life’s lessons, or call it what we like. We are all able to do this, in understanding how things have changed, moved and occurred in our lives, gaining the ability to perceive the degrees of shift each time as we look back and review them. How we think and act, who and what we have, reject or allow in our lives and where we are on our journey.

I feel that I am writing this because I need to right now, or it would not have entered my mind early this morning upon waking from my sleep. I need to put in perspective, a period of my life that changed things in ways that I could never have imagined or believed were possible before that time. A time when I believed that I had an idea where my life was going in a fuzzy kind of way, but never materialised in the same way. What happened in the past, was that my life had been going round in circles, and there I was, once again picking myself up off the ground, dusting myself down to start all over again!

There are only so many times that you want to find yourself in that place, believe me! Perhaps my beliefs were so deeply rooted and held onto? Maybe from fear that made me hold onto them for dear life, but at a price that cost me dearly over a long period of my life. Others had also paid a price for being on that journey with me. None of us knows what the future holds when we enter relationships, in faith, with love, trust, and self belief in our hearts.

I find myself today in such a different landscape that it’s really as if I’ve been transported to another universe. Nothing is the same as it was, I am not the same, every aspect of my life has changed in ways that are not easy to explain or define.

However, I will try to give some idea in as brief and concise a way I am able. The wonderful part to all of this is, that I am unquestionably the happiest I have ever been, with myself, where I live and the love and people I have in my life. I believe and understand much of my life from my earliest recollection, who I am and what I am; what life was, and is all about. My sense of purpose that I am working towards daily, and how everything is linked together in a continuous cycle where everything is changing at the same time. Changing at different rates, as if each thing has its own timeline and relative speed of change.

A Quantum life

Being where I am now, allows me to be stronger in my character, mind and strength. I am standing in my own truth, which is an expression that I cannot imagine I would have used only five years ago. It has filled me with a confidence that allows me to continue to grow and acquire knowledge. Who would have thought that their thirst for that would increase with age, it certainly wasn’t part of my perception of what age brought into your life!

I have no doubt that I am in a new phase of my existence, and something that was confirmed through a new awareness of numerology earlier this year; what I have been learning and discovering may be more powerful than that. Quantum science is changing ways in how we are learning to better understand and improve our knowledge of everything around us, ourselves included. It brings me to consider that we are Quantum beings and I will try to explain how I arrive at that.

Imagine a vase of flowers sat on a coffee table in the middle of a room, you are seated at one side with a few others around the table. Each one of you can see the vase of flowers, but the perspective each of you has is different. Different by the flowers you can see, how the light falls upon them and the background to what you see, all relevant. Each person has their own experience of what they see from their unique position, each seeing the same but differently.

In simple terms, this is a basic concept of quantum science. In a very similar way, everything about each one of us is unique, from our cellular structure to our physical appearance and fingerprints. Therefore, we are all the same but uniquely different in the same way as is a Quantum View.

Writing is a creative activity that I have always enjoyed and appeared to have a flair for since childhood. I have always been creative but focused on visual art and communication as a career direction.  I didn’t view it in those terms then but see that is exactly what I did, although I referred to it as Graphic Design. I rarely kept within the defines of anything that I have learned, forging my own path in those parts of myself and life. I have created works of art from personal greeting cards to canvases, written song lyrics or perhaps somewhere just poetry. My first guitar was given to me by a friend while at art college and I have never stopped playing the guitar since; recording songs with multi-tracking, running a music club, playing in groups and singing. I love cooking and enjoy entertaining, creating my own dishes to see my guest clean their plates, finishing with a smile of satisfaction. I am a very social person, I like people.

There is something very special in creating and giving to others in a free and loving way. I realised that this has been a part of me for most of my life, but has been now taken to another level, a sense of understanding and value. I appreciate the wisdom that I have after 68 years of living and learning, to become a resource in my own right and like no other, a Quantum Life! It is this type of awareness that empowers me and opens up new pathways that I never knew existed, inviting more and taking me further.

The journey continues, but not alone

My journey is not over yet, and I am working to make it last as long as needed and possible, by my own beliefs. I have so much more to discover, learn, do and create. My days are being filled with each new step on this road with all the things that find their way into my life. By being who I am now, I am inviting what I need in all of these areas, including people and a means of taking this all to new heights.

My mind is constantly creating new sparks of energy, ideas of how to create new things, how I can increase my own abilities, including helping and healing others. These are becoming my life goals, that get refined and developed as the scenery changes and as I do myself. Nothing is permanent, it is continuously changing and evolving, in a continuous stream of consciousness that we are all immersed in – like it, believe it or not! We live in a universe where fractal* and holographic theories are being explored, revealing new thinking and understanding in how everything is connected in a constant flow and evolution, as everything within it does together and in its own time.

If you have reached this far I wish to confirm that I am confident and happy to write this, I think you may have a clearer idea of my perspective on all this by now. We are all entitled to our own beliefs, this is the latest evidence of my own changes, awareness, and understanding. Tomorrow, next week, month or year, I know that I will not be the same person as I am today. I am and will change as I grow and evolve, maintaining and creating this view, belief and perception of what I am doing, and will continue in the same incredible way. Why would I stop the amazing things that have entered my life to bring such a beautiful understanding and appreciation of it all?

Of course, there are many things in the world that need improving and changing.

They can and will happen if we create it together.

*Featured Photo: Natural fractal patterns in the human eye, patterns that exist in all things

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