Making the first move

There are many things that are present in technology around us today that merely try to copy things that we have been doing for centuries and nautrally. The human brain and body are the most amazing machines and computers in the world today, I use the word machines because we are mechanical, organic and biological in our makeup. This basic fact makes it possible to replicate and copy many of the basic skills and ability of human beings. Nature embellishes many forms of life in this way in a myriad of combinations and abilities in all forms of life, from a molecular level through to a physical level that we can observe in our daily lives.

This is my theory, that considers the incredible power of our mind and our difficulties in switching off or going into a sleep mode state. Both these attributes that we can have, can easily be associated with technology and machines that mimic features of how our body and mind works.

We are without doubt the most incredible soft technology on the planet, but maybe not in the universe. In the history of time, as we perceive it today, we are relatively newbies at this game and still developing and learning who and what we are. Our skills, knowledge and experiences are constantly being expanded in each generation and from way back in time. You would think that with such natural powers, we would be able to control them at the blink of on eye or by a simple thought in our mind. That brings me nicely to the one thing that clearly separates us from any technology or machine that we are able to create, Our Mind!

Order out of chaos

Our ability to think, has been described as Quantum Thinking. In simple terms, it describes our ability to create new ideas and think in any direction, to produce completely new ideas, concepts and theories that can be taken to a reality, that sets us a part from technology and many other species. A type of chaos theory where anything can happen but a sense of order prevails in the end. An example of this can be seen in Fractal Patterns that are present in nature and the human body, such beautiful images, art in nature. How wonderful and magnificent is that?

However, the real magic is within something else and it is what makes the difference to it all. At this present time it is what keeps us way above any man-made creation that is possible, using science and technology of today, unable to improve upon the abilities of our mind and body – for now! It is our Consciousness and Awareness that places us on an unequalled strata above the most powerful computer or machine in the world. And it lives within and outside our body at the same time. It’s how we connect with others and the world around us, the First Natural Network and Internet provided by Nature, that we were connected to at birth and remain connected to after death.

Your own conclusions

How can it be, that we are not easily able to switch off, or go into sleep mode where we are not fully asleep but powered up and operating on a low energy usage state, perhaps allowing us to do other things. Naturally we do sleep, but there are many who do not for a whole range of reasons, that are mostly related to compromised states of health. It has become acceptable to take sleeping pills to allow a drug induced sleep, rather than seeking to identify and resolved an underlying problem that allows natural sleep. Sadly this is how modern medicine treats people today, with little regard to real causes, prescribing manufactured drugs that can suppressed the symptoms, but not necessarily cure the underlying issues that made it manifest in the first place. Authorities have attempted to eliminate natural medicines in the western world today, when so many people used them for their ‘go to’ treatments that did help, by using pure and natural remedies that have been used for centuries. Draw your own conclusions.

There are ways that exist to power down and enter sleep mode but have been portrayed as spiritual ‘whu huu’ or worse. Our minds and bodies are so powerful and work non stop throughout our life. Why would we, should we, wish to stop or slow them down? The answers are many and simple, including; a better quality of life, better connections with other and nature, better health and energy levels. Lets me simply sum it all up with – a much better and fulfilled life in the relatively short period we exist in this physical world.

Switching off, is a concept that we can easily relate to and what we may find is in our minds too often in this demanding world we are in today. Sleep mode is quite something else, and perhaps a new concept and idea to discover. I believe that it derived, as many things do, by copying nature which is within us and control how our bodies work and function. We know that nature, animals, trees and plants go into sleep mode and we call that hibernation. Are we not part of nature? Of course we are, and as such, we should be able to go into sleep mode. But are if and when we do?

What a day for a daydream!

I am sure most people have gone into a blank stare at times and allowed their mind to wander, that is a brief moment of sleep mode. We take our mind outside of our reality even if only for a short spell, but we do. When we become aware of what we have done, we bring ourselves back to the reality of physical life. Day dreaming it has been called. Think about your education, your parents. authority, when we were told to Pay Attention, Listen Carefully, Stay Focused! These were to clearly with the intention of forcing you to focus on reality. It is needed and can save your limb and life, but we are drawn away form allowing our mind and consciousness to drift into the free thinking out of body manner. Our deep inner connections have been allowed to subside in importance and value, much as that doctors don’t consider the underlying symptoms that can cause visible effects and problems in health.

If you have ever wondered why we are here or what this is all about, then perhaps consider this – we are here to grow and develop our consciousness, experience the beauty of this world that we live in and to experience our five senses to enhance this physical experience. It is literally the opportunity of a life time!

A data deluge

When you can understand what goes in inside out bodies every millisecond of our lives, it is no wonder that we can struggle to switch off or go into sleep mode. Add to that, what we experience externally that feeds our senses constantly, with a barrage of data that we process at lightening speeds, it is easy to comprehend the hurdles we need to overcome just to shut down for a short time. Hobbies, creative pastimes, reading, doing things that we just love to do, allow a level of ‘breaking away’, restricting the data flow into our consciousness. It’s how we elevate ourselves to feel happy and recharged. I am sure you have felt that at times, if not often.

Should we consciously begin to chose to limit the data flow and allow ourselves to find inner peace and calmness, it can begin to change our lives. It can open up our minds, make us less dependant on others, more confident and so much more. All we have to do is make the first move. We have to believe that we not only need it, we can get it and will be better once we do have it.

There are so many things that we could do, achieve, levels and places we can reach in our lives. The things that make the difference are, having the self-belief and confidence, seeing the possibility, having a dream and doing what it takes to make them become a reality. These can arrive to us, if we can make the first step. It is making that decision and to make the first move, with determination, resilience and a belief that it can be done. The key word in that, is Belief, it is the catalyst for much in our lives. It has moved mountains, nations and individuals to make the amazing happen. We are all capable of doing and this, and includes you and me.

Everything is out there, just waiting for us to discover what we want.

This is a declaration of my first move towards a new and chosen future.

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