A life of infinite possibilities

Why every second of life counts

I feel it’s fairly safe to assume that most people can relate to something abstract, such as being at the crossroads of a point in their life. A term with a number of interpretations that may all be valid and justifiable. However imagine if you can, that those crossroads are not just where two roads cross but an intersection with so many routes leading to and from it that is impossible to perceive or count them all! Because that is what life presents to us every second of every day of our lives.

If you’re finding that a tough concept to take on board right now, I encourage you to stick with me on this, it is worth your while

In every second of our lives, we are faced with millions of choices in a fluidity of decisions and directions at that moment in time, that it’s a wonder how we function at all to get through an hour let alone the day, but we can live for many years!

This is a real-time example of what powerful and amazing beings we are, to be able to calculate, assess and evaluate a multitude of options in a split second or faster, not blinking an eyelid or skipping a heartbeat while doing it!

I find this quite incredible to behold that concept of what goes on within us all. And yet we have been doing it more or less since birth. No need to be trained or formally educated in these abilities, it is just something we take so much for granted and that we are not aware it happening. Maybe that is applicable for the majority of folks, but I am increasingly aware that this may not be the case in the present moment in time we’re all entangled in.

We can feel alone when having such ideas presented and quite understandable. It’s what happens when we think outside of the box for example. Skating on thin ice with only our faith and belief in ourselves with confidence that we can achieve what we desire and choose to act upon at the moment, in the present moment.

Ahhh! What is the difference between the moment and the present moment? It is our perception of just knowing that something has happened or being consciously aware of it happening and feeling, sensing it on all levels at that precise moment. It is something that words alone may struggle to describe well if you are not familiar with this concept. It is well documented if you care to research yourself and will find many references online giving various accounts and views of what this psychological perspective portrays. In essence, the present moment is the here and now.

I am not suggesting this may be the best reference or a good place to start, but here’s a link that may be helpful: – https://positivepsychology.com/present-moment/

I mentioned in an earlier article how I believe we can describe the process of thinking as a Quantum activity. How our brain processes information from our five senses to create order out of the apparent chaos and carried out at high speed. We compute all that we need to know to make decisions and choices at lightning speeds. To take action or not, remain still, quiet, or whatever is seen as the right thing to do at any given moment.

Each step or choice that we make places us right back to a point of unlimited possibilities immediately. We may not consider issues to be of value or importance depending upon our familiarity with what we need to process. We already may have programmed responses and reactions stored, registering the event in our memory to save recalculation of repetitive actions. We auto-streamline our lives in a background processing mode that computing mimics in the way they operate using software, programming and electronics to create a vast range of functions. But not quite in the natural and amazing way as humans. Once again I find myself led to illustrating our superiority to machines and computers, and that feels empowering.

The present becomes the past in a blink of an eye, passing so rapidly it’s a wonder we can recall a lot of our daily lives. The amount of data we process in one day is staggering. The past remains the past and there it stays, to become a memory that isn’t always 100% reliable as we can colour our past so that it feels good and more comfortable. The future is yet to happen but arrives as fast as the present becomes the past. Our lives are but fleeting moments in time.

It passes so rapidly that in our lazy way we allow the auto function to deal with more than is good. If we can be more conscious of the present moment we can experience life in a more fulfilling way and be so much more in control of our direction and sense of purpose in the world. Moments that we can find ourselves in the present moment without trying too hard, are when we are immersed and lost in something that we can put our heart and soul into. Lose ourselves and forget all about the trivialities of daily life and abandon stress, fear, overthinking, negative emotions and feelings. It is in that state of mind we can connect with our true self, we let go of the physical and maybe material selves allowing us to be overwhelmed by creativity. Which activity is not as critical as the fact that we can become lost within it.

Our brain waves change when we engage at such depths that we can feel calm, which creates a feeling of safety, which can reduce our heart rate and contribute to the brain function of opening up ourselves to a blissful experience. In many ways, this is what monks, yogis, nuns and religious orders practice for years to attain and sustain for longer durations, maybe a lifetime. My point here is that we all have this ability within us if we choose to discover and bring it forth.

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