What is holding us back?

The perception of a threat or danger can create a sense of Fear, something that can easily be observed in nature. In order to not be eaten by another, nature has provided many ways to avoid that as far as possible. Camouflage, vivid colouring, spines, and more that can create an illusion of danger or threat to deter another from attacking or eating it, through what may well be an evolutionary process.

Fear, a trilogy – part 1

I will describe what I feel can be a liberating concept of who and what we are, and our individual capabilities.

However we perceive ourselves in terms of our sexuality is not what is really holding us back from living a fulfilled and happy life. The root problem is embedded and sits outside of that and is pretty much the same for anyone. The danger for our community is that we can latch onto the idea that we have chosen a different path in life, believing we are fundamentally different and subjected to harmful forces and, or prevent us from being our true selves.

I believe we have the ability to generally deceive ourselves into a specific mindset. One where we are convinced we know and understand why we feel the way we do about our situation and place in life. While having thought ourselves into that state of mind. The basic problem is something I have written about before which has now taken on a new level of disruption in all our lives. What we must do, is firstly understand that this exists in the manner it does. Learning how to recognise when it comes into play, which is largely involuntary, and the need to discover how to identify and control it.

If we can achieve a combination of learning a skill set, we have a good chance of being a free and happy soul in this world. We have to learn to fully understand the power and extent of that one emotion present in us all. That single emotion and net that can entrap us is – Fear!

Quite a short word for such a powerful and potential one that creates life-changing effects in anyone at any time. It commands a certain type of respect and should never be underestimated. Fear has been employed throughout history by illusion and deception to create a false sense of safety and security which continues today. Neither of those are physical, tangible parts of our lives but are linked to reality through association.

To suggest that someone can be fearless is a concept that I imagine most will shudder at the thought of applying it to themselves. That is how much I feel that the word and concept are deeply ingrained in our psyche. Consider a few areas where people suffer fear in its extreme – PSTD, Phobias and Psychological disorders. I am not a psychologist and do not pretend to have the training to support what I say here, but I believe that is part of our human skill set and that we have many natural qualities and abilities, but negate them as a result of society and fear.

Fear stops us from doing many things, some of which are clearly sensible, not stepping out onto a busy road and being hit by a vehicle for example. That is an easy one to quote which shows how a physical object we can see and perceive as a risk creating a fear factor and reaction to it. Unfortunately, in the world we live in so many fears derive from the unseen but affect us often and repeatedly, by which time we may well have become fearful of something in a silent manner.

When you are analytical of how we live our lives today, studying what external influences and systems we have to deal with simply to work and live, it becomes clearer how fear is part of much that affects us in countless ways. I suggest that it is an underlying method of maintaining a controlled social system and structure in place, rather than a method of cooperation and support. I can’t help feeling at this point, that the odds are stacked against people and society in this way and have been for far too long.

How can we learn to understand and deal with the fear that is present in our daily lives? A good place to start is within ourselves. We need a base and starting point that is as unquestionable as possible, one that we can trust and rely upon. There is only one thing that we can hold so dear to our heart with this sense of knowing – that is ourselves! We have grown up in a society and world that uses fear to convince us to believe that we cannot trust our own judgement, make up our own mind or to make important decisions for ourselves. What do we give away in that situation apart from freedom of choice? Fear should not be the dominant emotional force that influences and controls our existence. Certainly when it is created from external sources of any type.

I cannot subscribe to an idea where nature is in a continual threat of is an existence where trees would fear other trees and plants, to have fear-based concepts and ideas created by other trees. This simply does not create any logical or sensible argument to be so. And why should I not compare humanity to trees? Unless your beliefs do not encompass humans as a part of nature! Perhaps that is really where the roots of fear are located. Deep in the belief that humans somehow stand alone outside of nature. A higher-order that is so superior that we are not governed by the same rules of life, that our cellular structure and microbiological functions are nothing akin to the processes observed in all life on this planet?

In that moment, I feel that so far in my writing I have been searching for reasons that are the cause for much disorder and chaos in the world and life. Manifesting in a myriad of ways, bleeding into our consciousness and disrupting the natural energies and equilibrium that we have within us. This jolts my thinking to leap back to the incorrect theory of Darwin that has been perpetuated since its publication in 1858. When I look at a Wikipedia entry I discover that the presentation of the way in which it came about has been reported incorrectly in addition to the flawed theory of 1858. What was published then wasn’t even Darwin’s theory and continues to be reported as his work and distortion of the truth.

Darwin didn’t get it right

French biologist and member of the French Royal Society group of scientists, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published his theory in 1809. Although Lemarck was elected to the board of the Society after the French Revolution, his rank was at the bottom. He lost his sight and died a pauper with his work unacknowledged. Cuvier the president of the Society, who hated Lamarck wrote such a scathing eulogy about him that it was refused publication buy the society. Leaping through history, Charles Lyell a prestigious English scientist came across the work of Lamarck and wrote four chapters on the theory of evolution, supporting Lamarck’s theory. In the meantime, Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist, biologist and illustrator, had become a kind of groupie of Lyell and followed his work carefully. So much that he wrote a paper of his own and sent it to the Royal Society in London. Darwin had been befriended by a respected member of the Royal Society but had done little in 20 years to further his position or creating his own theories to gain recognition.

Things changed when Darwin was presented with a paper submitted to the Royal Society that fell into his lap, written by Alfred Russel Wallace who lived in Malaysia, and considered to be an upstart. That paper got published with some minor rewrites by Darwin and published with Darwin’s at the top and Wallace underneath as a contributor. At that time, the person whose name featured first was attributed the credit, in time Wallace’s name disappeared from publications altogether. Hence it became known as Darwin’s Theory and was adopted globally over a period of about 10 years, forming the beliefs that our society has been based upon. A false and altered theory that has now been proved to be incorrect.

I mention this here as it is key in illustrating how our world has been managed. In ways that are unable or unwilling to follow a path for the good of all life. However, we have followed the route and beliefs of ’Survival of the Fittest’, the strong will survive and the weak will die as a natural evolutionary process! If that does not spark off an understanding of why we have difficulty in being able to live without fear, I have not been thoughtful enough in writing this. I see that from a point in our history where fear got a power boost, that over time and with the immense power of technology and media, has reached a point, of what feels fit to describe as ’out of control’.

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