Can we let go of what we think we believe?

Most of us have a desire to improve ourselves, but we may have been limited by our circumstances of life from the moment we entered this world. By the social standing, wealth, connections, family and history of our parents and pressures from society and external sources. Perhaps we may start life pretty low on the invisible ladder of life that we find ourselves emerging into and growing older but not necessarily wiser.

Fear, a trilogy – part 2

I have grown aware that there are two things in life that are not automatic attributes to any single person, no matter how high up or low on that ladder of life we are at the beginning of our journey. Intelligence is marvellous, but if that has been developed at the expense of a lacking in social, interpersonal qualities and values, we could find that there is a void and imbalance within ourselves throughout life. I have seen evidence of this throughout my life and more often in these present times. A good education is valuable to anyone who is privileged to benefit from it, but essential that it is acquired with a good state of balance.

I fear that importance of a balance may not be at the top of the curriculum or ever made it to the list for many schools, private or otherwise, where the focus is on high achievement within a narrative. What else falls into this negative void that can hold us back from growth in good ways?  

My focus shifts to the idea of letting go and what happens in that moment. In the true sense of letting go we can allow our mind and spirit to roam free, when our worries and troubles of daily life can disappear. We are more than we imagine, but the lifestyle and environment we live in distracts us from a great deal of that. Our need to survive in society demands that we exchange our life and time to earn money. Bartering has become an exchange system of the past, and now money not only rules, it controls. Our individual freedoms are diminished affecting how we think and can live too.

It is understandable that we need to consciously claim back some of that freedom of who we are. Not to spend our lives engaged in doing something that is in conflict with our true desires, natural skills and nature. It is fundamentally counter productive to the state and health of our heart and mind. There are great benefits of having good heart and mind coherence.

The more we can bring things like love and what makes us happy into our lives can be empowering and rewarding. To participate in directly helping others, not by giving money to use, but by making a difference to somebody’s life. By interacting in a good way that is supportive and respectful. Making another person feel loved, valued and respected is powerful for both concerned.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Do we allow fear to dominate our future possibilities and therefore remain rooted somewhere in time, resistant to change? Fear is the most powerful emotion we possess and if uncontrolled can create a host of issues for anyone.

Logic is described in Britannica as : The study of correct reasoning, especially as it involves the drawing of inferences. To me this appears that, in certain instances that may be a flawed concept. We can all arrive at our own logic, depending upon our beliefs that we have grown up with or acquired through life. So logic is fallible and is not a guarantee of anything, just a common agreement that is used to establish something for wider acceptance. If we can’t trust logic does that leave us in chaos? What can we believe in?

I find myself asking if I am missing something, and are there other traits or qualities that are more important in this discussion I am having with myself?  I have a sense of it, yet find it hard to put a word to. I need to ponder for a while.

Let’s move on to perception and beliefs at this point. They are not directly or solely responsible for intelligence, logic or common sense, although they are connected.  I recall that years ago, I would observe that others that I met or became aware of had appeared to stop somewhere in time. Age was not a key here, just a mindset that seemed to take hold of an individual and rooted them in a period of their life experience and preventing progress. I can understand how having a sense of contentment could bring that about, but struggle with the concept of applying it to myself.

I questioned what caused the slowing down or stopping of changes in their lives. Was it happiness, fear, ignorance, lack of education or simply lack of interest or desire? Could it be they were so happy how life was, that there really wasn’t any reason to change? I really could not accept any of those as answers and still find the question valid, but without fully understanding.  

Does this come down to how much we believe in ourselves, to have a good sense of who and what we are, and the universe we live in? The world appears to be changing faster than ever. Technology and science has developed and changed with ever increasing speed. At times, appearing to be rushed into society without due consideration of impact or effect. Eager to sell it to us no matter what!

Science or technology does not feed or nourish our body or spirit in the way that another person, nature or the beauty of life can. Could the connection with ones self and beyond make the difference of letting go, dispelling fear and being in better control of our emotions and life? So far, this is the best answer that I have been able to construct here.

How much are we really in control of our selves and our lives? Is freedom an illusion that we deceive ourself with to continue with a sense of safety? Or is it the fear? How could we support ourselves without hi-tech and science, that makes us cling so hard to them, adopting them freely into our daily existence?  I am aware that I am creating more questions than answers! Am I too programmed in this society to be objective enough to be free? Is anyone free?

We can let go, we can be free thinkers, we can change our health, thinking, beliefs and reality, we can trust ourselves and who we are. I hope that is sufficient to carry us forward and into the future.

We do not have to live in fear or chose to be it’s victim – we always have a choice!

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