Living – the drug of life

Do you remember when life was so magical when you were a child? How every day you could discover something amazing when simple things appeared to be so magnificent. When our imagination and perspective of the world was only the limit of our own mind. So much was just waiting to be found and experienced.

In case you hadn’t realised the world in many ways is still the same, magical, amazing and so beautiful and wonderful. Life, nature, and all that exists! It is easy to understand how we have changed since childhood, as it is ourselves that are affected by what we consider to be our understanding and perception of what we are engaged in every day of our lives.

But I ask the question, what happened to the magical wonderful world we started life in? Did that change or was it simply us that changed? How is it we close down our thinking and perception to integrate into society in what could be described as an indoctrination as opposed to education? It’s always easy to pose the question than offering the answer or a solution!

I am left with a strong sense of personal loss in the way we are guided into the world and life. Looking back from where we are today, my view is one that does not make me feel comfortable in the world I find myself a part of. Did I create this or is this the result of others who have decided how I should live? I can address that without hesitation; whatever influences that were present in my childhood, they clearly set me on a path in my life. I followed that without questioning until I was about 16 years old when I needed to decide my future. The only option that I believed was available to me, was to continue my education in a subject that I loved, to be artistic and creative. It evolved into a career that spanned many years, and a sense that continues within me still.

Due to circumstances at the time, I made those choices and followed that path of my own making. I had no option but to make choices in the best way that I could, no matter how well or ill-informed I was on the decisions. I lived the results of them and have done so since without regret. When we take responsibility for ourselves we begin to take control of our lives. Making choices has implications. Someone may see our choice as being lazy, but another may see that we have simply found the easiest way to get the desired result, it depends upon personal experience and an open mind – life is a Quantum process.

I am drifting a little from the starting point but feel the points I’ve made are relevant. To be able to be ourselves, we need to understand the processes that we have encountered from the earliest stages of our lives. They set the stage for our grand performance that may continue until the day we die unless we chose otherwise. We do not have to live by that map, we have the ability of free-thinking and independence within ourselves. To live a rich and fulfilled life, open to the wonders of the world, just the same as when we were children.

The drug of life

Living is the greatest intoxicating experience we will ever have. Living is the experience of the time that consciousness exists in a physical body. It allows us to experience the physical world through our five basic senses in how we connect and engage with everything. Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound and other senses that are less obvious, provide a spectrum of ways that we learn, connect and communicate in the world and with everything in it.

This is being mimicked and expanded through and via technology, games, and virtual reality that can deceive and influence our perception and understanding of our world and beliefs. In one sense, it could be seen as educating the mind to the reality that we are not the physical body, that we are the consciousness present within the body. How an out-of-body experience is possible, not one that is induced falsely through virtual reality.

The virtual reality being presented via technology can often be presented through games that are war or combat-based themes. Full of extreme violence including killing and defeating ‘opponents’ by any means possible under the guise of a game. It breeds contentment and acceptance of the action that engages the mind and perception on a subconscious level with addictive qualities. In my opinion, sadly lacking in morality that subsequently filters into the world.

The absence of morality in these present times is on a level that I do not like or desire. It is a root cause of the chaos that is so deeply immersed in today. This is nothing to do with religion, but it is about beliefs and doing what is right. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is a basic innate human function. In simple terms, it is about treating all life with respect and compassion. To hurt another is to hurt yourself. Easy to comprehend such things when you are aware that all life is connected, we are all family.

We are privileged to live upon this planet. I have heard people predict the end of the world is coming, but that is totally incorrect. Our world may be coming to an end, but the planet was here long before us and will be here long after we are gone. While we are a small blip in the scheme of the universe, there are many who continue to support our superiority above all else. This is a concept that is based upon Darwin’s Theory which is equally flawed and wrong.

Life is based upon cooperation, not on conflict and competition. Now is the time that humanity needs to cooperate to survive on this earth. Failure to do so will have a catastrophic outcome for us all.

If living is the drug of life let it be pure and sublime. Let is be rooted in love, compassion, and gratitude. Let it be for all life, without judgement, fully accepting our part in this magnificent and beautiful world that we are all a part of. Linked at an atomic, molecular level by frequencies and pure energy. The drug is purity itself!

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