So, you want to change the world?

I wish to begin by stating that it is not the world that needs changing, it is us who need to change! This is something that is so very long overdue in our time and on this earth. What the world really needs right now, is for us to change.

That change can only begin from deep within each one of us. On a level that many people are not aware exists, or have connected with inside themselves. We can quickly begin to see the immense task that stands before humanity, to bring about this much-needed degree of change.

Don’t give up before you begin

The enormity of what needs to be overcome can easily make us feel numb, to a point we may consider giving up before we have even begun. However, here is where I have faith and belief in humanity to be able to meet this challenge and to take us into the future. To take us on a more pure path, with compassion, gratitude, and love at its foundation, the building blocks that are vital to our future and that of our children. But where do we begin, so that we can go forward with a positive and solid concept of how to reach that critical change?

The enormity we face

More so over the recent years, any ideas that are new and that challenge the official narrative of science or politics, have become tarnished and opposed by the use of language and words, such as taboo, untrustworthy, conspiracy, or simply lies! Before we can consider meeting the challenge ahead, the use of words, language, and their application and use must come to be revised and changed. Those of humanity who have seen and witnessed the destruction of our connection to each other; communities, families, nature, including self-trust and beliefs, may more easily understand the concept of change that is required. Changes that go above and beyond the old systems, language, beliefs, trust, and hope in our future, that have been used against us. We have seen these begin to fail in a spectacular way as the reality of their use becomes more clear and apparent to many.

The decay in the system shows that the old ways of thinking, language, and system, didn’t work and need to be dispensed with and rebuilt. Reconstructed from a base set of values and beliefs that includes all people, all life, without discrimination, suffering, division, lies, or deception. Replaced with truth, honesty, love, gratitude, and compassion; without these, there will be no better future. A scenario to be avoided at all costs is to continue with the old ways and to be associated with the likelihood and possibility of the end of our civilization.

Change begins from inside

We have no choice but to re-educate our thinking to live in new ways, with new thinking and a new sense of hope. This begins by taking ownership of ourselves. To open our hearts and minds to accept who and what we are without shame, guilt, or negative feelings. Until we can reconcile internal conflicts within ourselves we will not be able to get the world back into a state of equilibrium and purity. Values need to shift, to bring a universal understanding that we are not the most important thing that lives on this planet, that we have always shared it with all other forms of life, many of which have become extinct by our presence.

A need to learn that we are and have always been connected to Nature, to each other and the universe in ways that have eluded, and/or been excluded from humanity through nefarious methods. We need to find the self-belief and trust that was once an integral and important part of life, that has not been integrated with modern Western and European cultures that we observe today. Free thinking, having creative energy, a passion, and enthusiasm for life were once seen as great qualities to have, and have been productive in stimulating such developments and wonders across time.

In place of global structures that govern food and energy, we need smaller local, human-based, and centred structures to cooperate, to create everything we need to return this world back to a better and natural condition. With that, must come to a new respect for nature and our part in it with all life. We are not the most superior life form on this planet. Perhaps we should have been more careful to tend to our home and garden, nurturing it instead of ravaging it continuously as an endless resource.

We do not need to have wars, famine, or divisions, once we can learn to live in harmony. That begins within ourselves. We should celebrate our humanity and the wonderful gift of life that we are blessed with. Learn to live in understanding and cooperation with all else. This is how we begin to change the world, by changing ourselves from the inside, deep with our hearts minds, and souls, and ways in which we chose to share this world. Technology is not the answer to everything. It is there to assist us to make this happen quickly and efficiently if we use it with a moral and heartfelt understanding of it and its application.

5 thoughts on “So, you want to change the world?

  1. Hi Sophie, fantastic post! You had me with your opening line: “I wish to begin by stating that it is not the world that needs changing, it is us who need to change!” I see small changes even in my internal life and have begun to accept life as a “process of existing” rather than a “race to beat.” Ever since then, I’ve started to accept more faith and love in my life rather than just money alone. Though money (in some form) will always be around, I agree that many people will need to look deeply inside of themselves to find the answers they seek to living a truly fulfilling life not only for themselves, but for the world at large :)!


    1. Hi Leon,
      thank you for your wonderful and kind words. I am touched by your sense of connection.
      I also looked at your blog and read “Where I’ve Been the Last 2 Years”, I think I have been through what you have experienced.
      My life has changed so much in the past nine years, more in the past four, and accelerated in the past two!
      I have become a better wiser, understanding person with regards to myself and the universe.
      I wish you all the very best in your own venture. My next phase has already kicked in with high energy, that I invited into my life.
      Life just keeps getting better, my life more enriched and more purposeful.
      I am so very grateful for all that I have, albeit fairly modest and simple, yet the happiest I have ever been!

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      1. This is always good to hear! It can be said that even during times of great tribulations and obstacles, that how one endures and lives their life is a great testament to how resilient their spirit is.

        Even just communicating with you via online has shown me that you are immensely blessed with an inner-drive and passion for life! I also hope your journey is one filled with continued personal growth even through any perceived worldly hardships that may happen in the world for the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

        I look forward to any future posts!


        1. I leave you with something that gives me strength and conviction, in a hope that it may inspire you and others who may read this:-

          I stand in my own truth, I believe in myself more than any other, I trust in myself more than any other.
          I observe what happens in the world around me and choose whether to participate or not.
          I try not to judge others, but to see how they live, act and treat others.
          I reject all negative energies, illness, and disease from my mind body, and soul.
          I invite good, love, and purity into my life.
          I reject the darkness and invite the light.
          I am connected to everything and it to me.
          I am nature, I am divinity, I am the universe and it is me.

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          1. Stunningly beautiful and short. The poem entered the stratosphere of my cognitive reality before leaving me abruptly in a flash like a lightning bolt scattering to the night sky. I loved the self-proclamation you’ve provided in this piece! Very surreal :)!

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