The Final Word

Another transition

Life continually moves on and we adapt to the changes we find ourselves in, sometimes the changes are what we invite and bring into our reality. And that is exactly why I am writing this.

Clearly, there have been many big shifts in all of our lives since early 2020 and we have had to be strong and focused to weather them all. I have observed how many people have not managed so well, while others were able to rise above the forces directed at us.

 So, this is based on my personal take of life, it applies only to me, but perhaps for others too? I have always been a creative soul, plunging into different aspects of that world throughout my life in all forms of creativity. They have all proven to be enjoyable and satisfying while enriching my life experience.

Now, feels like the beginning of another phase in my life. One where my whole life experience and knowledge have become fused with my creative abilities to create something quite new in my life experience.

It has brought me to a decision that concerns this website, and its maintenance, since my last transition in my life that changed everything so very much. Finding myself at a similar point of my journey, yet completely different and invited into my reality.

My Essence

A new area of interest and creativity has begun with making short videos that contain the essence of my thinking, my words, my writing, my eye for great images, the newly refined art of creating videos, embedded with my life learning. It’s difficult to tell you how wonderful this is.

It has brought me to share the first two videos with you here. The first is The Ripple Effect and already published. The second, Seeds – the Blueprint of life, gets its premiere here especially for you.

Quantum Cafe – a new direction

To all those who have graced my site since its creation, visiting, reading, liking, and commenting on my writing and ideas, it’s time to provide advance notice of changes and for me to move on. That means, not renewing my payment to maintain the presence of this site after the end of 2021. It is impossible to say if or how long the site will remain online thereafter.

‘The Ripple Effect’ has already been posted on Instagram and TikTok under the name quantumcafe87. If you would like to stay in touch with my work and are interested in my words, ideas, concepts, and now, art through video, you will be able to see my new activities on the platforms mentioned.

My vision is to create a channel where I can create longer and more complex works that will allow me to cover subjects in greater depth and scope while reaching a wider audience. The world needs all the positive and good it can get right now.

In addition, my work and contributions are now involved in a greater project within the area of video production. It’s in the development stages now hence there isn’t much that can be revealed. What can be revealed is, that it has amazing potential and to have a profound impact when the media begins to flow into the world.

Farewell for now my beautiful beings

It leaves me just to end by sending you all my love and gratitude to each and every one of you.

My final words here to you:-

  • Live in Your Truth
  • Learn to Know Who and What You Are
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Live and Work through Cooperation and Harmony
  • Know that We Are All Connected
  • Nothing can be destroyed, only its form and state can be changed

Love and Hugs
Thank you

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