The End of My Site

The Final Curtain

I wish to thank everyone who has been kind enough to visit my site, especially those that have reached out to me and those I responded to.

Some of you have been with me from the early days of this site and many more have discovered this since. This year has seen a heartwarming and encouraging number of people who visited the site, interacted with me, and created figures that equaled the previous highest year of traffic to the site.

So I part on a high note and thank you all. However, all good things appear to come to an end, and It’s time for me to move on as my life continues to evolve. Within my last article, I included links to the beginnings of my new direction and hope you find them interesting

My ambition is to develop this concentration of my creative skills into one art form that can speak with greater power to a wider audience.

It is something that I need to do, while it feels exactly what I should do, and so I spend hours and hours developing and refining my skills to blend them into this new medium.

It is an area that I wish to develop into longer and more informative works that can justify an internet presence and channel. Time will tell I am successful.

No matter what the outcome, I will enjoy it all and put my heart and soul into my work as always.

To learn a little more behind the reasons to end this site, please read my Last Article – The Last Word

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