Who is Sophie?

I was born in London in the East End where I grew up with my parents and older sister. I am now 64 at the time of creating this website in 2017 and have been living in rural central France since 2005. On the whole, I am happy with my life with the exception of a couple of regrets:- my late acceptance of who I am and the fact that at this moment in time, I am still terrified of revealing Sophie to my daughter.

I have enjoyed and drunk far too much alcohol during my life, but I can think of worse things to have done. I still enjoy a drink today but it’s more likely to be a glass of wine with my meal occasionally.  I am a Scorpio, if that’s of interest to anyone, and born on the cusp of Sagittarius. But I have always believed that I am a Scorpio for what that is worth. I studied art and design in the 70s and was worked in the design studios in London in the early part of my career. I became freelance after a few years followed by periods of being a partner or director of three different studios. Eventually I chose to create my own from business which continued for the remainder of my career until 2009 here in France. It ended as a result of the financial crashes that crippled many industries.

I married far too young, but when that ended it wasn’t very long before I found myself in a second marriage and having a child in each. Following the same behavour pattern I made the choice to try a third relationship. The third brought out to France but that too failed after 11 years from what I beleive was incompatiblity on many levels. Looking back on all three, I can only conclude that my secrets and internal conflict contributed to the brakedowns and damaged myself and others in the process.

Since October 2012 I have lived alone which provided the space to find myself. It’s now February 2017 and at the time of writing this I am quite content. In spite of having the least amount of money in my life and being on my own. It was necessary for me to re-evaluate everything about my life which was good for me on many levels.

After I chose to change my path in life, I found it an extremely emotional period and found writing helped me process what I was experencing as I questioned my life. This site/blog became a way of recording my words and is an account of things I can recall from an early age to present day, affecting who I am and have become. So it could be said that this site is my personal therapy. Hopefully this can also make others aware that it’s not wrong to be yourself against popular opinion, stigma, social stereotyping and all the other things designed to keep people in their place as good members of an organised society. I don’t apologise for my hint of sarcasm, it’s one of the things that makes me feel alive. I hope you find this blog interesting and perhaps find it useful. You can read a more detailed accounts of my early life and experiences to today if you wish to know more about me and my journey. As I learn more about myself and the choice to live as Sophie, the effects, experiences, issues and joy as I seek my transition to a life as woman.

Love and hugs to you all

Sophie xx

Wouldn’t it be a better world if people were simply just more caring about each other?