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180 degrees of change

Saturday morning and I was feeling in a slightly better mood. After lunch I put on some relaxing piano music and lit some incense sticks, partly to clear the air from the aromas of my cooking, but I like the vibe too. A couple of hours passed with more incense sticks, accompanied by the dulcet tones of relaxed riffs of relaxing piano tunes. I was in a very calm and chilled mood when the doorbell rang; welcoming in my friend, she commented on the music, incense, and my super relaxed demeaner. Continue reading 180 degrees of change

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Destroy before you can create

She believed our meeting was 3.30 that day, whereas I believed it was 11am, hence my arrival! There was no way I was returning home having only viewed one house and quickly agreed to meet later. From that point onward my life changed in a series of coincidences, something that I could never have engineered if I had tried. A moment when the word synchronicity came into my mind, as events began to happen in a way that I had not experienced, almost appearing to be out of my hands or control. Continue reading Destroy before you can create

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Are you Two-Spirited?

The term Two-Spirit is a fairly modern creation from 1990, describing a person who embodies their own spirit as male or female, plus a spirit of the opposite sex; within a society that accepted gender fluidity with individuals being valued more for their contribution to the community.  It can also be described as creating four genders — male, female, male two-spirit and female two-spirit; living freely, able to choose how they dressed and lived their lives. The earliest form of LBGT perhaps? 

Continue reading Are you Two-Spirited?