Finding Sophie…

This is an honest, truthful and sincere account of my life from the earliest memories to present day of my struggle to be Sophie  – the person I should have always been

2 thoughts on “Finding Sophie…

  1. Hi Sophie, hope your well, I understand why you left that site, it feels hollow or empty when you feel you should have been a woman and the site is full of men getting off on wearing girls nickers. You were one of only four girls that I spoke to and two of you girls have left for the same reason,
    Looks like I’m going to be the 3rd to leave.
    Have lots to talk about, with you, soon.
    Your friend April.

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    1. Hi April, I am very good thank you and so nice to hear from you. We have to continue to move towards where we want to be and that’s what I have done. I will send you my private email.
      Sophie xxx


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