My life in France 2017, the blog begins

February 13th – an ominous day to start a blog, maybe!!!

Winter hasn’t been so bad yet and I am keeping warm in my ‘too big’ house. I need to decide if I try and sell it – and no guarantees of selling it, or keep it and struggle on here with my cat. I like the house and location, but it’s an increasing drain on my limited resources; common sense tells me I should try and sell, but nobody likes change. Least of all me, unless I have made that choice for good reasons.

I am quite pleased with myself this month as it has been a year since I have had any inspiration to write new songs. So far I have four songs, three of which I have made rough recordings to keep a note of my work so I can develop them later. My favourite song was written for my lovely daughter and almost got titled ‘Unconditional Love’. I had promised to write something about a year ago but it had eluded me until now. But, it was worth waiting for! It is the most emotionally packed song that I have ever produced, it brings tears to my eyes. My daughter had also cried when she heard it.

I am finding life a little odd switching from Sophie to him and back again in a day. It’s unsettling and I am questioning everything more.

I discovered a very interesting site today, about learning to really love yourself. From what I read, it could be a very common issue indeed for many people. There were many things that I could identify with and some that I didn’t. But I am assuming that the general blurb on the site is aimed at a very wide audience.

I haven’t signed up for their ‘pack’ but have emailed them to open a dialogue to see how they respond. If it turns out to be useful I will post a link on here – it may prove quite helpful to me.

I feel that I need to locate something to move on this year, but I really don’t know what I need. Perhaps simply a change. I don’t like being in this nowhere place and need to feel confident in being able to go forward.

At least the year has started off with some promise. I worked in a restaurant run by some friends in 2013 and they have asked me to help again this summer. So, for five days a week I will be cooking anything that is needed in a small restaurant.  If it’s the same as before I will be running the kitchen for two of those days on my own. It’s pretty hard work and demanding, but I enjoy cooking and get on well with my friends. So from mid May until early September I am going to busy and the time will fly.

The down side is, that I will miss a great many concerts and festivals through the summer as every weekend will be taken with the cooking. But there’s often a price to pay for most things in life.

There a few things in my life that I really enjoy. These are the main ones: music in all it forms – playing, concerts or albums, cooking and eating good and food and wine, good friends, good conversation, art, international cinema and socialising.

So no surprise that on this coming Wednesday evening, I have invited a French couple for dinner. They run a local venue where I go to see concerts and also play with musician friends at jam sessions. They are very nice people and I am very grateful they chose to setup their music business near to where I live. I call it my second home. It’s been a life saver for me when I have needed to be around other people and enjoy some live music.

I will be ‘him’ for the evening as my dressing has been, and still is covert for the time being. It will be a fun evening with plenty of wine to accompany an Indian meal. Possibly Samosas for the starter. Main course: a delicious beef curry, a chicken balti, plain rice, chapattis and depending on what vegetables I can buy tomorrow, a veg dish. Maybe a spinach bhaji? I am hoping to make some fruit tarts. Filo pastry cases, with some exotic fruits and maybe some ice cream. Personally I like very hot curries and would add whole birds eye chili’s to a curry. But on this occasion I have left them out. The main curries have already been made as the spices and flavours will be so much better on Wednesday. French people in general do not like very hot spicy food. I will be buying a large tub of plain yogurt in case they find the heat too much.

If you have read my story, you will already know that I enjoy a glass or two, among other indulgences. Last year I was introduced the biggest ‘wine box’ ever by a very good friend with an equal enjoyment  of wine. In the very near future, I will be taking delivery of my second order of a 30 litre box (or cubi as it’s know here) of a very decent wine called Morgon. It needs to be bottled and sealed within a few days of arrival, but will keep for some time luckily. Sadly although I do have a cellar in the house, it never has or ever will be stocked with wine while I live here. Keeping wine is beyond my skills for more than a few months, if that!

I am not sure what anyone is expecting from a ‘blog’, but this is likely to be about Sophie’s life here in France spattered with the occurrences that take place as the year progress.

I will leave you with the thought of me getting myself looking nice to go shopping tomorrow with rain forecast and a 45 minute drive to buy the things I need for the meal. Also while in a bigger shopping area I may take the opportunity to look at some clothes and buy makeup. But my budget is a little squeaky this month so not a shopping spree by any means.

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